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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Sarah, Center Director

Sarah graduated from University of California, Los Angeles with a B.S. in Psychobiology and currently resides in the Westwood area. Throughout her undergraduate career, she remained an active volunteer in the health field, working at health sites for underserved populations in Los Angeles. She has also recently participated in a medical mission to Panama. Previously a swim instructor and private tutor, she has developed a passion for teaching and helping students to realize their full potential. Before pursuing her life dream of becoming a doctor, she wants to make an impact on students’ lives by providing a compassionate and supportive educational experience for them. For this reason, she became a part of the Mathnasium team and has truly seen how developing a strong understanding in math can change a child’s life. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, playing piano, and spending time outdoors.

Grace, Assistant Director

Grace is a second year Psychobiology Major and Spanish Minor at UCLA. She is originally from Huntington Beach, and tutored various subjects including math throughout high school. In the past, she taught English at underprivileged villages in her parents' hometown of Taiwan. She loves to travel and explore new cultures and foods. She can often be found at the beach watching the sunset, or spending time with friends and family. She plans to work in medicine and travel the world, helping the underserved communities that need it most.

Caleb, Assistant Director 

Caleb is currently first year psychobiology student at UCLA pursuing a career in radiology. He grew up in Simi Valley, California and has been a Southern California resident all his life. During high school, Caleb has worked as a tutor for various subjects such as biology and math. Aside from his professional and educational life, Caleb enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and actively serving as a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honor society. New to Mathnasium, Caleb hopes to use his enthusiasm for math and learning in general to foster understanding in other students. 

Courtney, Lead Instructor

Courtney is a Lead Instructor at Mathnasium of Westwood and very passionate about working with kids. She is a Psychology Major with a Math Minor for Secondary Education at UCLA.  In High School, Courtney loved to tutor fellow students in math. She also participated in Girl Scouts, volleyball, and musical theater. At UCLA, Courtney is a member of Awaken Acapella and an instructor at Math Circle, a weekly math class for advanced 3rd and 4th graders, founded by a UCLA math professor. In her free time, Courtney loves to sing and dance. In the future, Courtney wants to be a High School Math Teacher and hopefully specialize in Calculus. 

Kei, Lead Instructor

Kei is a third-year student at UCLA majoring in microbiology and minoring in global studies. She loves working with kids and has tutored a variety of students since high school. In the past, she also served as a YMCA camp counselor and a TA for an class of English as a Second Language students. Outside of class and Mathnasium, Kei assists in a cardiology research lab, teaches CPR, and is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honor society. In her spare time, she loves to go on runs, attend concerts and explore LA. 

Miranda, Instructor

Miranda is a second year at UCLA with a major in History. She is from Los Angeles, California. Before working for Mathnasium in Westwood, she had been a student there for six years until graduating high school in 2015. Miranda enjoys teaching and volunteering, and she strives to have a career in the film industry. She plans to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities UCLA has to offer!



Rayna, Instructor

Rayna is a second-year Psychobiology student at UCLA. She is from Arcadia, California, and was a "mathlete" on the Arcadia High School Math Team. She helps teach toddlers sign language and absolutely loves working with kids, hoping to carry her passion into her future career as a pediatrician. Rayna also interns at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, works at UCLA's Early Care and Education Center, and is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honor society at UCLA. In her spare time, she likes to grab food with friends, play piano, sing, or just take a nap!  

Ty, Instructor

Ty grew up in Redondo Beach and graduated from Redondo Union High School in 2014. He tutored Algebra II in high school and has informally tutored calculus since. After attending Boston University for the last two years, he now attends UCLA where he majors in Applied Mathematics with a Specialization in Computing. When not at work, Ty enjoys listening to and playing music, bowling, and playing board and card games.



Karina, Instructor

Karina has been an instructor for Mathnasium for about two years. She loves working with kids! She is a first-year student at UCLA as a business-economics major and a minor in math. Karina is on the UCLA women's rugby team and likes to volunteer or go to the beach in her spare time.



 Caitlin, Instructor

 Caitlin is a second year at UCLA majoring in neuroscience with a minor in disability studies. She's been tutoring math since the beginning of high school and had a teaching internship at a local elementary school last spring. Caitlin is also external director of UCLA's Academic Tutoring Program. Born and raised in Singapore, Caitlin loves traveling; she one day hopes to return to South Africa to visit Cape Town. Combining her passions for travel, teaching, and science, she hopes to earn her masters in public health and work for an NGO abroad.  

Francois, Instructor

Francois is a third year student at UCLA majoring in Psychobiology and minoring in Society and Genetics. She has tutored a variety of subjects throughout high school and loves learning about any subject, including math. Her love of math was inspired by her high school calculus teacher. Outside of Mathnasium, she works in a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology research lab, volunteers at the hospital, and is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honor society at UCLA. She often found snacking or napping in her free time.

Deepenti, Instructor

Deepenti is a third-year Applied Mathematics student at UCLA. She is from Nepal, and moved to US 4 years ago. She has an associate degree in maths from Long Beach City College. Her favorite sector in math is calculus In the past, she has done private tutoring for maths and worked as math tutor in math success center in LBCC. She also conducted supplemental instruction session for first level calculus in LBCC. She likes to travel for food and music.

Jonathan, Instructor

Jonathan is a second-year at UCLA, majoring in Physiological Sciences. He has aspirations of going to medical school after undergrad, but until then, you can find him either out with his friends eating, playing basketball, or just napping. He is currently an active member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honor society at UCLA. When at school, his favorite subjects are chemistry, history, and math!

Reika, Management Trainee