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May 29, 2024

We've compiled a list of Mathnasium resources for your child to catch up, keep up, or get ahead with their math this summer. Click on the links below to check them out!

Parent Mathing Tips

These tips provide parents with ideas for math exercises that will develop their child’s math abilities and help them learn about our world.

Just as you should read with your child, you should “math” with them as well, using natural language that makes sense to a child. Practice these concepts with the activity pages, and view the accompanying videos on our social media channels (Instagram, and Facebook)!

#1: The Numbers That Make Ten
#2: Grouping Twelve Things
#3: Doubles
#4: Counting
#5: Breaking Down Numbers
#6: Fractions
#7: Even and Odd Numbers
#8: Subtraction
#9: Shapes
#10: Measurement
#11: Money

Math Tricks

Check out the Mathnasium Math Tricks videos on our YouTube Channel and click on the links below to practice with downloadable worksheets!

Half Of
Half of Even Numbers (Part 1)
Half of Even Numbers (Part 2)

Half of Odd Numbers (Part 1)
Half of Odd Numbers (Part 2)

Quarter Of Numbers (Part 1)
Quarter of Numbers (Part 2)

Number Sense
Addition (Part 1)

Subtraction (Part 1)
Subtraction (Part 2)

Multiplication (Part 1)
Multiplication (Part 2)
Multiplication (Part 3)

Division (Part 1)
Division (Part 2)

Squaring Numbers (Part 1)
Squaring Numbers (Part 2)

Powers of 2
Rule for 3's
Rule for 6's
Rule for 7's
Rule for 9's
Rule for 11's: 3-digit Rule
Rule for 11's: General Rule

Comparing Fractions (Part 1)
Comparing Fractions (Part 2)
Comparing Fractions (Part 3)
Comparing Fractions (Part 4)

Wholes and Parts (Part 1)
Wholes and Parts (Part 2)
Wholes and Parts (Part 3)

For Each Hundred (Basic)
For Each Hundred (Advanced)

Special Percents (Basic)
Special Percents (Advanced)

Find 10%
Find 1%

Commutative Property

Direct Percents

Solving Linear Equations (Part 1)
Solving Linear Equations (Part 2)

Statistics & Probability
Counting (Part 1)

Probability (Part 1)
Probability (Part 2)
Probability (Part 3)

Ask Education

These “Ask Education” features are a way for our Education team members to share their knowledge and love of math with our curious readers and fans. Visit the links to learn more about these BIG ideas!

Getting Into The Geometry Mindset

What is Infinity? (Part 1)
What is Infinity? (Part 2)

How Deep is the Ocean?

What is the power of compounding?
Compound Interest Activity

Subtracting Big Numbers from Small Numbers

Reference Sheets

Download our free reference sheets!

Units of Measure (Metric)
Metric Units of Measurement (Units of Time, Length, Capacity, and Weight; Groups)

Units of Measure (Customary)
Customary Units of Measurement (Units of Time, Length, Capacity, and Weight; Groups)

Geometry Formulas 1
Geometric Formulas (Pythagorean Theorem; Area; Volume and Surface Area; Distance; Midpoint)

Geometry Formulas 2
Geometric Formulas (Area; Sum of Interior Angles; Volume and Surface Area)

Geometry Glossary
Geometric Terms and Definitions, A-Z (with diagrams)

We will continue to share helpful math resources so be sure to "bookmark" this page and check back regularly.

Follow our Number Sense blog and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook) for more math resources, activities, and free reference sheets.

To learn more about the math topics listed above, contact the Mathnasium Centre nearest you.


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