What Instruction Method Does Mathnasium Use?

Jan 22, 2022 | Abbotsford

We most of the time are asked that what instruction method meaning that do we teach student in groups or individual. What happens at Mathnasium?

Individual tutoring is where a instructor spends all the time focusing on one student. Whereas Group tutotring is that where several student works with the same instuctor, working on the same type of math.

But what really happens at Mathnasium is Unique, because instruction is always one-to-one, where instructors are able to work with a small group of students simultaneously. 

Instructor sit in the centre, where students are working on different math concepts. Instructor hepls each student, and keep constantly checking in , tecah them the concept and then allow them to work on the question on their own as opposed to individul tutorng where a ecaher is hovering around on one student.

This mathnasium method allows students to get the instruction and independent practice which they really need to build math Confidence.

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