Mastery Check Wheel !!!

Feb 12, 2022 | Abbotsford

Mathnasium ways are always appreciated by parents as well as tecahers, because they make sense to childrens. One of the thing which each child wants to do is to spin the wheel.

So, what exactly is this wheel is? We call it mastery check wheel. A quick review that a Mastery check is kind of a small exam of a topic which have questions to check that students have got the topic or not. So after they done with that kids get to spin the wheel. And on that wheel there are many possible outcomes of getting stars, so that a students can get much closer to his/ her goal for which they are saving up the cards for.

Mastery Check wheel acts as a prize of what they have learned through topic and they completed a mastery check. And thay's why students always wants to finish a mastery check whenever they come. 

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