Ever Wondered what are the Mathnasium Instructors like?

Feb 26, 2022 | Abbotsford


Have you ever thought that what kind of people does Mathnasium of Abbotsford hire as instructors? It's a really good question! Although our instructors comes from all sorts of background, but they have a few things in common: 

Each Mathnasium instructor must be qualified. Hiring process of mathnasium instructors can be pretty intenese. They have to go through a employement test and have to prove they understand advanced math by passing a test, but also the ability to teach math as well.

Instructors at mathnasium needs to be great motivators too.

All Mathnasium instructors are excellent teachers versed in various learning styles. May be your student needs math to be explained visually or hands on option would be better. However you student learns best, our instructors are equipped to teach them in that style. More to that we ahve a huge supply of maipulatives for our hands -on learners.

Are you intersted in meeting a Mathnasium of Abbotsford instructor? Come see us. Our instructors have been working hard to help the kids for 2 years. Sign up now for a risk-free assessment.