Is Your Child Gifted? 8 Telltale Signs!

Nov 21, 2019 | Brampton South

Do you think your child may be gifted? Knowing the signs can help you nurture their talents, avoid academic obstacles, and improve their overall educational experience.Are you wondering if your child is intellectually advanced? Finding the answer isn't always easy. The National Association for Gifted Children states "Children are gifted when their ability is significantly above the norm for their age." While many children may exhibit behaviour and characteristics that set them apart, here are some common characteristics shared among gifted children:

1. Reaching Developmental Milestones Early. 

A telltale sign that a child may be gifted is the advanced development of language, and learning and processing at a rapid rate. Showing advance ability is usually a sign they are ready to be challenged. 

2. Recognizing Patterns at an Early Age. 

Children who are gifted usually start noticing patterns at a very young age, this includes behaviours and actions and not just shapes and colour. As they get older, they are easily able to make connections and relationships between ideas and facts. 

3. A Love for Reading.

As many gifted children reach milestones early, they are usually able to learn how to read before their peers. Their interest in reading may stem from reading for pleasure and to gain more knowledge in topics they are interested in.

4. An Unusual and Vivid Imagination 

Children are quite imaginative, but a gifted child has a unique imagination. Their unique imagination leads to experimentation with ideas and various views of the world.

5. Frustuaration With Repetitous and Mundane Tasks.

When the work is too easy, gifted children get bored in class as they require constant mental stimulation.

6. Prefer the Company of Older Children or Adults.

Since intellectually advanced children often aren't able to relate to interests of their peers they find adult conversation far more stimulating. They also tend to have a well-developed sense of humor ahead of their years. 

7. Curiousity About the World. 

Gifted children have a questioning mind and they dig deeper with their inquiries instead of being satisfied with an answer. With their endless questions that have a need to understand the world and for it to be logical.

8. High Standards for Themselves and Others 

Often times gifted children will stick to a task until they achieve mastery and are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves. Their sense of justice exhibits at an early age with the need for the world to be logical and fair.

It is important to remember a child does not have to show all the traits mentioned to be gifted. Also, giftedness is represented through all income levels, ethnic, racial and exceptionality groups.