Do you need Mathematics to be healthy?

Nov 19, 2019 | Burlington

Math and Health

Mathematics! A word dreaded by most children and many adults too!

However, several studies have shown the importance of math skills. A study published in the American Psychological Association reviewed the connection between the ability to crunch numbers and its relation to a person’s medical decisions. Information about medical decisions is not just based on the knowledge available but also basic arithmetic skills. 

The study shows that poor math skills is a cause for confusion in people’s ability to assess the risks and benefits of screening and prevents their access to treatment.

People with good math skills are generally healthier because they are able to co-relate their health with the numbers on the medical charts. The study also recognizes that people with better math abilities are good at objectively looking at medical issues rather than emotionally processing them.

Math can be learnt

But here the good news! Studies have also shown that you CAN improve your math skills. It’s not talent that matters, but rather practice. Like the oft repeated phrase - Practice, Practice, Practice! As parents, you can instill a love for math in your child at a young age. Talk about math in daily life whenever opportunities come up. Use shopping to take basic concepts of arithmetic. Use the time during cooking to teach about weights and measurements. Look for math in everyday situations and you will find it. Help your child master basic math concepts. Review their understanding of it and any errors. Then practice, practice, practice.

Math Help and Tutoring

A local math tutor will be helpful in building up math skills in your child and enhance their confidence. Contact Mathnasium today for a free math assessment and ask how best we can help your child excel in math and thereby their health!