FAQs about Math Tutors

Aug 10, 2017 | Cambridge

How Much Does a Math Tutor Cost?

Tutor costs vary depending on the education and experience level of the tutor. Typically, college students charge about $30 an hour and teachers charge about $45 an hour. If you are looking for a calculus tutor expect to pay even more.

What Does a Math Tutor Do?

Typically, math tutors help with homework assignments and help students study for tests. Tutors rarely do their own assessments to examine where a student lacks understanding.

How Will Hiring a Math Tutor Benefit my Child?

The combination of help on tests and homework may temporarily improve math grades. Children may ask math tutors questions they don’t ask in class. This will help them clarify concepts they are learning in school at the moment. Often, the kids’ grades drop again once you stop paying for a tutor. This happens because the tutors do not teach concepts children missed from previous years. The gaps in understanding come back to cause problems later.

How is Mathnasium Different than Math Tutors?

Mathnasium of Cambridge assesses each child to find any gaps in understanding. Using the results from that we provide individualized math instruction to actually improve math understanding. Since we have our own proprietary curriculum we are not dependent on the schools for what to teach. This means we can help your child catch up, or get ahead, during the summer break. We also help with homework and studying for tests to improve grades. We are less expensive per hour than most math tutors. 

Give us a call at 519-893-0808 or go to Home Page to find out more about our program.  For more information about the differences between math tutoring and Mathnasium, click on the following resources.

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