The Careers of Tomorrow will Look Different!

Jun 12, 2018 | Cambridge

Every child must learn critical math skills to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. The pace of technological advancement and the globalization of the marketplace means careers are evolving quickly. Some of the careers our children will pursue don’t even exist yet. In previous generations, a child may have been able to confidently say, “I don’t need advanced mathematics because I am going to fish for a living.” That old way of thinking will not help children succeed in tomorrow's careers. The commercial fisherman will need to analyze fish populations and market prices to decide on the best strategy. This means using math to solve problems.

Future Career Options and Math
Future rocket scientists know that they must take a lot of high level math classes. Do future poets need to take advanced math classes, too?  Future poets may not need to triangulate data to write meaningful poems, but they should still take advanced math courses in high school. Many people change their career paths several times in their lifetime, especially the younger generations. Statistics show most people will change careers (not just jobs) between 3-7 times in their lifetime. If today's students don’t take advanced math, their career options will be limited by their lack of math achievement. There is no reason a future poet can’t also be a future rocket scientist. Plus, math is a language. So learning advanced mathematics actually helps develop the creativity and perspective useful in the humanities, and even poetry.

We Live in a Technology Driven Global Economy
Jobs that were once done locally can now be done from overseas. Jobs that were once done by humans can now be done by machines. Your child will need to compete with labor markets from around the world. Strong math skills will help your child compete for jobs in any field.

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