Tips for Getting a Strong Second Semester

Mar 5, 2019 | Cambridge

The new year is such a great time to make new goals! This year, let your school semester be the best one yet and finish out in June knowing you gave everything your all! Especially coming from such an amazing winter break it can be hard to click back in and focus on school. Here are some of our best tips to refocus back in school and finish strong:

  1. Start creating routines for the semester. We are creatures of habit. Over the holidays with parties, staying up later doing so many fun things, and getting a chance to sleep in, our bodies are completely thrown off of our natural rhythm! Help yourself by going back right away to your normal school schedule. Even though your body won’t be tired going to bed earlier then you did over break, the sooner you can help yourself readjust the easier it will be to get back into a school mindset and the easier it will be to focus! Get your parent’s and family’s help with this too, give yourself strict times to do certain things. Just like you would never be late to class, approach studying, going to bed, eating dinner…all with the same approach! 
  2. Think about doing just one task at a time. Often times, when you go back to school it can be so daunting to think about having to do an entire semester all over again! Whew! Just typing it out seems intense. It can be easy to let this be a distraction when starting school again, all your mind can seem to do is think about the next break. Instead of thinking about all the weeks between now and then, just focus on one task at a time. Narrow it down to focus on just getting through the day, just this class, just the example on the board….If you break it down into smaller bite chunks of what you need to accomplish, you can accomplish it so much faster! Instead of thinking of a whole math worksheet you have to, instead switch your mindset to “I am just going to get this ONE problem done”…and then do the next one, and the next, and before you know it—you’re done!
  3. Create dedicated focused study spaces and times. Distractions always want to pull our mind away, especially trying to relive the joys of winter break! To help yourself with this, try to find a space made for studying. When you go to this space, it is only for homework. Try to pick somewhere quiet, places like the kitchen table can be prone for even more distraction! When you find this quiet place, give yourself 10, 15, 20 minutes of complete focus. Turn off or hide all technology and work…then when the time is up, take a quick 5 minute break and then go right back to it! Before you know it, you will be done faster, your work will be better, and you will understand the material more!
  4. Don’t let going back to school mean the fun has to end! Just because winter break ended doesn’t mean that your fun does! Be sure to still prioritize a work-life balance. Find dedicated chunks of time to just relax and have fun! By taking a few minutes where you can just play and have fun will actually help you more in school. It will give your brain the break it needs so that you can come back even more focused and even more productive…plus it’s fun!
  5. Do not hesitate to ask for homework and test preparation helps to improve your scores.

Finish the semester strong knowing that you gave everything your all. Use our tips to help switch from that relaxation of winter break back into a productive mindset that will allow you to do your absolute best!