Signs Indicating Your Child Is Experiencing Difficulties With Math

Jan 9, 2020 | Cambridge

Math can be a very difficult subject to fully comprehend; regardless if you’re in elementary school, high school or college/university, struggling with math concepts is normal. Although some students are born with a natural ability for math, some may experience the exact opposite and labour over math terminology and theories that will negatively impact their progress as a student. It is important to address problems with mathematics as they arise to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind and to enlist the help of professionals if struggles persist. Should you notice any of the common issues listed below, it may be wise to enlist the help of professional math assistants:


Grades Are Below Standard


Every student is unique and not every student will excel in the same subject. For students that have a difficult time grasping equations and mathematical theories, allow them the time to learn and be patient with their development. Hopefully, they will catch up with the rest of the class, if they do not, however, it may require a more concrete plan to ensure they get back on track. Math coaching may prove worthy if their grades are considerably lower than the median of the class.


Difficulty Retaining Math Concepts


When students return from summer break they may need a few refresher classes to revigorate their minds and help them remember concepts they had learned the year before. The recovery time for many students will be quick as they re-learn complicated concepts (algebra, long division, etc.), however, some students will struggle and exhibit frustration as they attempt to regain their momentum. Professional math training and a progressive teaching plan will instill their self-confidence and get them back on the right page.


Contrast With Other Grades


As previously mentioned, not every student will excel in the same subject. Some students may demonstrate a wonderful ability in English, science, history or art, but encounter difficulties with math subjects. Of course, it’s not all about grades especially if your child is displaying a zest for learning and challenging themselves to become a better student, but if mathematics issues continue to bother your child, they may need supplementary help. Pay attention to your child’s report cards and if there is a major grade difference between math and all of their other subjects, contact a mathematic coaching school for additional tutoring.


Parents: How You Can Help


Every parent wants to help their child, especially if they are struggling. Here’s how you can:


  • Revise homework and math problems with them every night
  • Play math-based games (make math fun!)
  • Be kind and understanding
  • Connect real-world situations to math problems​​


Troubles with math are common, just as problems with English are common and problems with science are common. It is important to create an environment where your child feels safe to make mistakes and wants to learn from them. Math is certainly a tough subject to master, do your part to help and try to inspire your child.