Spaghetti Marshmallow & Gumdrop Structures at Mathnasium

Jul 26, 2023 | Carlington

Are you ready to witness young minds soar to new heights in a world of creativity, engineering, and problem-solving? Mathnasium of Carlington proudly presents the exhilarating "Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge," where our budding mathematicians and engineers transformed simple ingredients into awe-inspiring structures!

Ottawa's math tutoring center, Mathnasium of Carlington, has been abuzz with excitement as our eager campers into a week filled with STEM activities and adventures. The "Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge" proved to be a standout event that left both children and parents marveling at the brilliance of our young learners.


From building bridges to constructing towers, our math tutors and STEM instructors guided the children through an immersive experience that combined mathematics, engineering, and a whole lot of fun! The challenge involved using only spaghetti, tape, and marshmallows to create tall and sturdy structures, putting their critical thinking and teamwork skills to the test.

As these young engineers tinkered and tested, they discovered the fascinating world of physics, engineering principles, and geometry—all while developing a deeper appreciation for math and its real-world applications. The joy on their faces as they witnessed their creations stand tall was a testament to the power of experiential learning.

At Mathnasium of Carlington, we understand the importance of nurturing a love for math and STEM subjects from an early age. Our camps offer a unique blend of academic enrichment and hands-on experiences that make learning enjoyable and meaningful. Whether it's the "Build a Kite" challenge, the "Lego Mindstorm Coding" adventure, or the "Gumdrop Structures" engineering marvels, each activity aims to ignite curiosity and inspire young minds to explore the wonders of math and science.

As a trusted math learning centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Mathnasium of Carlington has been empowering students to excel in math and related subjects for years. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention and custom learning plans to help students build a strong foundation and boost their confidence in math.

As we celebrate the success of the "Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge," we invite parents and students alike to explore the myriad opportunities available at Mathnasium of Carlington. From our year-round math tutoring programs to our engaging and educational summer camps, there's something for every aspiring mathematician and STEM enthusiast!

Unlock your child's potential with our exceptional math help and STEM-focused approach. Join the Mathnasium of Carlington family today and witness the magic of learning through hands-on experiences, innovative challenges, and endless possibilities.

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