Introducing Mathnasium Great Foundations program

Sep 20, 2021 | Cliffside

For a promising future, a good foundation is necessary   

Just like we build strong foundations of our homes to make them last for decades, we should follow the same approach for building a solid learning foundation for children. Early foundational learning is critical for a child’s later education. A solid early learning foundation is the ladder to ensure a future where they can adapt and thrive.

One can not fully discover a child’s full potential if one only emphasizes completing the set curriculum and content. What is vital is nurturing essential life skills. When you give children sufficient time and space to build strong foundations for skill development, it paves the way for a future where they can make decisions and continue to be critical, creative thinkers.

We Give 4-6-Year-Olds the Right Foundation

Research shows that an early start in math can transform a child’s future. Mathnasium’s Great Foundations program gives young children the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to unlock their potential. We build these skills through caring, face to-face instruction,specifically tailored to a child’s learning stage. We’ve carefully selected topics that build upon each other along a continuum, laying the groundwork for Numerical Fluency and other concepts encountered later in school. And by making math engaging and fun, we cultivate a child’s love of learning while also developing their ability to work independently. Great Foundations students not only gain confidence in math; they gain confidence for overall academic achievement.

The program blends the five modalities of learning:  mental, verbal, visual, tactile and written as appropriate. 

We are offering Great Foundation at Mathnasium of Cliffside