Does Your Child Suffer from Math Anxiety

Aug 10, 2022 | Cliffside

Does Your Child Suffer from Math Anxiety

“Many people think of mathematics as one of the most logical, most impersonal branches of knowledge, yet it inspires more emotion than any other school subject” (Zaslavsky, 1994, p.5)

Maths anxiety has been said to affect over 90% of adults and children. The feeling of helplessness, stress and frustration often begins in the walls of a classroom, and can quickly extend to day-to-day life and the workplace. Not only can these stressors interrupt working memory and cause further distraction, but can easily diminish self-esteem and confidence in children and adults alike. 

So, what causes maths anxiety? Maths anxiety is a fixed mindset issue, arising usually from beliefs such as: 

  • I don’t understand maths and never will
  • My parents are bad at maths, so I am too
  • I’m an English person, not a Maths person

Sound familiar?

Statements like these have a commonality of being unchangeable. They hold children to the thought that they cannot improve or begin to understand maths, as it doesn’t come naturally to them. So how can we combat maths anxiety and help to understand maths? 

The Mathnasium Method™ works to eliminate triggers of maths anxiety through our maths tutoring. 

Triggers may include:

  1. Feeling rushed and time poor when compared to their peers
  2. Working with students who aren’t on the same level of understanding
  3. Feeling like they should complete an equation in the same way as their peers

Mathnasium’s maths tutoring works to fill any knowledge gaps, and enrich children with mathematical fluency and confidence. 

We assign each child that walks through our doors with a comprehensive, expert assessment - designed to pinpoint their specific strengths and weaknesses - and tailor their learning and maths help around filling any gaps they may have. 

Guided by our expert maths tutors, Mathnasium students are taught to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills and overarchingly, a sense of confidence in maths. 

The result of over 40 years of investment and time in the Mathnasium Method™ is hundreds of thousands of positive reviews and noted attitude changes toward maths, in the classroom and beyond. 

Book your free assessment today by calling at (416) 266-6284, and begin your child’s total transformation in competence and confidence.

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