Number Sense: Math trick multiplying by 5

Mar 21, 2022 | Cliffside

Number Sense is your sense of what numbers mean. What value does a number represent? Which number is bigger or smaller? Making comparisons is also part of this sense. Students who struggle with math typically don’t have a good sense of numbers. This is one of the foundational concepts that hold them back from becoming fluid in math.

In the past, teachers have concentrated on math facts and how to do calculations. After years of research, they have found that students struggle with learning math is because they don’t have the underlying foundation of what numbers actually mean: number sense. Common core is addressing this. Most new textbooks are addressing this. However, if you don’t have that essential foundational skill, the new way of teaching math will still be difficult. So we need to spend more time mastering number sense.

Watch the Number Sense Lesson

Read the Mathnasium Blog post on Multiplying 5's and watch a quick video here.