Problem of the Week (Dec 17-21)

Dec 16, 2018 | Country Hills

Grade 1-3:

Question:  Shoes are measured in half sizes. Cindy bought a pair of size 5 shoes, but they were two sizes too small. What is Cindy’s correct shoe size?

Grade 4-6:

Question: Max can pull an empty sled up Mount Calculus 1/2 of kilometre every 20 minutes. The path he takes up the mountain is 3 1/2 kilometres long. How long will it take Max to pull the sled all the way up Mount Calculus?

Grade 7-9:

QuestionThere are 5 different wrapping papers. The first wrapping paper is used to wrap one present. The second wrapping paper is used to wrap 2 presents. The third wrapping paper is used to wrap 3 presents. The fourth wrapping paper is used to wrap 4 presents. The fifth wrapping paper is used to wrap 5 presents.

There are 3 more green presents than there are white. There is an even number of red presents and an odd number of striped presents. There are fewer polka dotted presents than white presents. How many of each type of present are there?

Grade 10-12:

Question: While making a snow angel on the edge of town, a Mathlete looks up to the top of Mt. Calculus at a 50° angle of elevation. If the edge of Mathville is 2 1/4 kilometres from the base of Mt. Calculus, how tall is Mt. Calculus? Note: The side of Mt. Calculus that faces Mathville is perpendicular to the ground. (Round to the nearest tenth of a kilometre.)