Problem of the Week (April 29-May 3)

Apr 30, 2019 | Country Hills

Here are the problems of the week from your favourite math tutoring centre in North Calgary!

Grade 1-3:

Question: Susan and her parents are making a disaster survival kit. Each of them needs 8 litres of water per day. How much water does Susan’s family need in a survival kit to last 5 days?

Grade 4-6:

Question: Women in Gambia often need to transport large containers of water over great distances so that their families have safe water to drink. Siabatou has a container that holds 20 litres of water. Each litre weighs 1 kilogram. The container itself weighs 1½ kilograms. How much does Siabatou’s container weigh when it’s full?

Grade 7-9:

Question: A bathroom sink runs at 8½ litres per minute. Daisy uses 250 millilitres of water total each time she brushes her teeth. Jack leaves the faucet running for the full 3 minutes it takes him to brush and rinse. How much more water does Jack use each day if both of them brush their teeth 3 times a day?

Grade 10-12:

Question: In Sunnydale, the price of water is $1.50 per thousand litres. Residents of Rainwood are charged a base fee of $9.90 and an additional $0.25 per thousand litres of water used. Write an equation to find the amount of water that will cost the same amount in both Sunnydale and Rainwood.

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