Games Around the House

Sep 16, 2023 | Dundas

Games Around the House

By Mathnasium of Dundas | Added Sep. 16, 2023

The traditional classic board games are a great fun way to practice mental math araound the house and cottage. Here are a few ideas to leverage the natural capacity of these games even more.

  1. Junior race games: Sorry!, Pacheesi, etc:
    Demonstrate, and have your child practice, skip-counting by twos and threes when moving. This is great reinforcement of the techniques we teach in-centre as foundation for Add/Sub Numeric Fluency. It's also a gentle introduction to our Reasoning in Groups prelude to multiplication fact fluency, based on being able to: Count from any number, by any number, to any number.

  2. Finance Games: Monopoly, Life, Careers, etc.:
    Assign your child to be Banker. Making change is great reinforcement for the key Numeric Fluency skills of:

    • Decomposing single digits;
    • 10s complement of single digits;
    • Up-To-10-And-Over mental math for carry-less addition; and
    • Up-To-10-And-Over mental math for borrow-less subtraction.
  3. Square-board games: Monopoly, Careers, etc.:
    The square board of these games, 10x10 for Monopoly and 8x8 for Careers, provides an opportunity to practice several pillars of Add/Sub Numeric Fluency by visualizing the landing square, without counting around the board one square at a time:

    • Decomposition of single digits;
    • 10's (or 8's) complement of single digits; and
    • Up-to-10-and-Over for sums over 10.
  4. Senior race games: Cribbage, Backgammon, etc.
    All of the above, and more, gets exercised in these games as players exercise the clear and logical thinking required to build a winning strategy.

All this, for free, on top of the social bonding that occurs around a table, with tangiible pieces and the company of family and friends, practicing the grace of winning and losing in a sportsmanlike manner.


Students! On Saturday, October 7, we are hosting Kids' Corner at the Waterdown Farmers' Market, in the Legion parking lot.

  • Drop by to say "Hello." - and earn a full card.
  • Introduce us to a friend, from 8 to 18 - and earn a second full card.