Discover Math Playground: A Fun Hub for 1st - 5th Graders

Jun 20, 2024 | Findlay Creek

Math Playground is an excellent resource designed to make learning math fun and engaging for young students. It’s a website filled with a vast array of math games tailored for 1st to 5th graders. Math Playground offers both free and premium versions of its games, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

What makes Math Playground stand out is its organization. Games are neatly grouped by grade level, making it easy for parents and educators to find suitable activities for their children. This thoughtful structure ensures that each child can engage with math concepts that are appropriate for their learning stage.

Here are some of our top game suggestions from Math Playground:

Alien Addition


  • Target Grade: 1st grade
  • Focus: Basic addition skills
  • Description: Alien Addition helps younger students grasp the basics of addition in a fun and interactive way.

Candy Cashier


  • Target Grade: 2nd grade
  • Focus: Counting money
  • Description: In Candy Cashier, students practice their money-counting skills by acting as a cashier, making learning about currency exciting and practical.

Penguin Jump


  • Target Grade: 3rd grade
  • Focus: Multiplication
  • Description: Penguin Jump is a lively game that helps students practice multiplication, fostering quick recall of multiplication facts.

Division Derby


  • Target Grade: 4th grade
  • Focus: Division
  • Description: Division Derby is perfect for students ready to tackle division. It offers a competitive yet educational approach to mastering division.

Tug Team Fractions


  • Target Grade: 5th grade
  • Focus: Fractions
  • Description: In Tug Team Fractions, students practice their understanding of fractions in a tug-of-war style game that makes learning fractions dynamic and engaging.

These games are just a few examples of the countless options available on Math Playground. Each game is designed to reinforce specific math skills in a way that is both fun and effective.

We encourage you to explore Math Playground with your child. It’s a great way to make math practice enjoyable and help build a strong foundation in math concepts. Happy learning!

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