Time To Level Up!

Apr 3, 2021 | Kelowna

Kelowna level up

Is it time for your child to level up in math? Maybe you have an advanced math student who needs an extra push to keep her/his interest high. Maybe you have a struggling student who needs a confidence boost. Maybe your child is somewhere in between, and you're ready for their math understanding to reach the next level.

In many cases, math students hit a wall, or what the ScientificAmerican likes to call a "mental impass." This is when the brain of the student is either:

1. Un-stimulated to continue (we often see this in advanced students)

2. Too confused to make progress (we often see this in struggling students)

In either scenario, math education cannot flourish. In order to move the brain from this "mental impass" phase, some changes need to happen. Dr. Bhattacharya of Goldsmith's Psychology has research suggesting that when a student's mind experiences "Alpha Rhythm," they are better at solving problems. Alpha Rhythm is defined as "the normal electrical activity of the brain when conscious and relaxed." (Think: the opposite of a tense, anxious mind trying to force understanding before the bell rings)

At Mathnasium of Kelowna, we have had a LOT of practice creating the right environment for your child to thrive. In fact, we're pros at designing ideal conditions for your child's brain to find that "alpha rhythm". Here's how we do it:

1. We never rush our students. We respect their pace of learning.

2. We provide a safe, friendly environment where students feel confident enough to ask as many questions as they want.

3. We offer different learning styles to appeal to a variety of learning types. Is your child a visual learner? An auditory learner? A kinesthetic learner? A verbal learner? A physical learner? We've got you covered!

Peter C., a Mathnasium Dad, says, "My daughter has been at Mathnasium for a little over a month and she has gone from hating math to printing out extra math worksheets to work on in her spare time!" (See how her interest in math piqued? Now that's a serious level-up!)

No matter what level your student is currently on, we have the tools to help him/her improve. Your student will feel a boost of confidence and interest when he/she grow into a new range of math. Time to level up and see those gains!