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Summer of Shapes Part 1

Jul 16, 2021 | Kerrisdale Blog

During the summer we're challenging our students (and anyone else who is interested) to go on a Shape Scavenger Hunt! Keep an eye out for any interesting geometric shapes, objects, and angles you pass everyday! Here are some that we spotted around our..

Pi Day Celebration 2021!

Feb 22, 2021 | Kerrisdale Blog

To celebrate Pi Day (March 14), we will be hosting a virtual event from 3:30 PM until 5:00 PM, feel free to drop in and stay for however long you like!   Why do we make such a big deal out of pi? Because pi is a big deal. This irrational..

Learn about e!

Feb 7, 2021 | Kerrisdale Blog

You know about Pi day, but did you know that today is e day?   That's right! February 7 (2.7) is a day to celebrate Euler’s number, also written as e. Named after mathematician Leonhard Euler used to model exponential growth, and is ..

Pi Day and Birthday Celebration

Mar 14, 2019 | Kerrisdale Blog

  We had so much fun hosting an amazing Pi Day and our first birthday Celebration at our math learning center!!! Big thank you to all of the Mathletes who came to play math games and activities with us. We hope everyone has as m..

Why do kids struggle with Geometry?

Mar 6, 2019 | Kerrisdale Blog

  Why do kids struggle with Geometry? Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the properties, measurement, and relations of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.  In layman’s terms, it is math applied to pict..

How does Mathnasium address STEM?

Mar 6, 2019 | Kerrisdale Blog

  What is STEM? It is simply an acronym for Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics.   Why is STEM important? STEM careers in the US are growing twice as fast as other profes..

Why Kids Struggle with Fractions?

Mar 6, 2019 | Kerrisdale Blog

  Why do kids fear and struggle with fractions? Many kids fear fractions because they don’t understand how they work – they mix up the parts and don’t understand what they mean and what we do to them. Parents typically ..

Why do kids struggle with Algebra?

Mar 5, 2019 | Kerrisdale Blog

  Why do kids struggle with Algebra? We’ve asked algebra teachers what skills they wish their students were better at coming into Algebra class? Their answers were always the same 3 skills: Multiplication facts, Fractions, and&nb..

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