Problem of the Week Jan 12 - 16, 2020

Jan 12, 2020 | Killarney

Solve the Problem of the Week for your grade level!

Get a Problem of the Week ballot and submit your entry before closing time on Thursday. All correct solutions will receive 2 extra punches on their Reward card at the start of their next session in the math learning centre.

Grades 3-4: Alex has twice as much money as her brother. She spends $3 to buy some trading cards. If her brother has $16, how much money does Alex have after buying the trading cards? 

Grades 5-6Anna, Brayden, and Caleb have three equally sized pies. Anna ate four fifths of her pie. Brayden ate eight ninths of his pie. Caleb ate nine tenths of his pie. Who has the most pie left over?

Grades 7-8For the first six days of the week, Zelda posted three pictures per day on social media. How many does she need to post on the seventh day to have an average of four pictures posted per day for the whole week?

Grades 9 and upA geography teacher has two globes in his classroom. The larger one has a volume of 7776π cubic centimetres. If the ratio between their radii is 3:2, what is the radius of the smaller globe? You may use a calculator to solve this problem.