Problem of the Week Feb 2 - 6, 2020

Feb 2, 2020 | Killarney

Solve the Problem of the Week for your grade level!

Get a Problem of the Week ballot and submit your entry before closing time on Thursday. All correct solutions will receive 2 extra punches on their Reward card at the start of their next session in the math learning centre.

Grades 3-4Each of 10 cats has 10 kittens. Each of the kittens has 10 whiskers. How many kitten whiskers are there? 

Grades 5-6Jessica has three cats. One is black, one is grey, and one is white. The white cat is not the oldest. The grey cat is older than the black cat. The black cat is younger than the white cat. Put Jessica’s cats in order from youngest to oldest. 

Grades 7-8The cost per day of Kitty Kare cat sitters is $20 plus $8 per cat. Furbaby Sitters charge $25 and $4 per cat. Scott is going out of town for two days and needs a sitter for his three cats. How much money does Scott save by choosing Furbaby Sitters instead of Kitty 

Grades 9 and upA cat starts chasing a mouse from 10 metres away. The cat runs at a rate of 14 metres per second, and the mouse scampers at a rate of 4 metres per second. How many seconds will it take the cat to catch the mouse?