Mathnasium@home with Killarney Math Learning Centre FAQs

Mar 30, 2020 | Killarney

Parents have long asked how they can get Mathnasium’s math tutoring remotely, either from home or elsewhere. The question for us was, how can we provide families with the math tutoring support they need at home, without sacrificing the face-to-face interaction that is the heart and soul of the Mathnasium Method™? That question is even more critical now that most children have to learn entirely from home.

We’re so excited to share that, after years of development, we can now give families all over the world precisely what they want and need: Mathnasium@home. We launched the pilot program in 2017 and tested it with thousands of students and tens of thousands of sessions. Since the 2020 expansion began, families have flooded us with questions about how the service works and how they can sign up! We answer some of your most frequently asked questions below.

What systems are supported for Mathnasium@home?

Any Laptop or desktop with Windows operating system or Mac with internet access can be used. Currently the application will not work on iPad, Smart Phones or Android tablets.

What browsers can be used for Mathnasium@home?

Currently, math instruction is supported only with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.


What's the minimum internet speed required to support Mathnasium@home? 

The minimum speed is 25Mbps which most internet offerings support in the city. In some rural areas, this may be challenging. In addition to minimum speed, a wired connection is PREFERRED as it improves the transfer rate and eliminates the microsecond disconnects which impact the audio/video connection during the math learning session.


Do students need any other equipment?

The following are not mandatory, but we recommend them for an enhanced online math learning experience: 

  • Headphone, Mic and Webcam - In order to reduce distraction, we recommend students using any basic or noise cancelling headphone with mic. Webcam, if not built in, is recommended. These will help them to interact with instructors in a holistic manner while working on math problems

  • Digital Draw Board - To mimic pen to paper, WACOM boards (PTH-651, PTH-660) can be used. These are available in stores like Staples, BestBuy, Amazon, and others.

How do I share my webcam? 

After you are logged in, an instructor will move you to a breakout room. That room is reserved for you for your math learning session, just like sitting in a chair in our centre. Once you are in the breakout room, the instructor will share their webcam and you should see their image on the right side of your screen. To share your own webcam, click on the camera icon inside your profile picture which is on the upper left corner. When your system is actively sharing, you will see a camera inside the browser bar on the far right. Clicking that camera will let you do a sound test to ensure you have the proper settings.


​​Do students work on the same curriculum in Mathnasium@Home as we do at our centre?

Yes, students will work on the same material from the comfort of home. They will work with instructors in real time in the same way they would in-person at the centre.

How will students get help with Homework and Test Preparations? 

We provide a shared folder where parents/students can upload either a scanned copy or picture of their school material. During an online math instruction session, the instructor will pull up the file. The file is converted into a whiteboard so that both student and instructor can annotate the file and work through the problem together online. Per our registration guidelines, students are expected to review their homework in advance, attempt the problem and bring forward the questions they need assistance with. This ensures the student gets help where it's most needed.

How will students get instructor assistance when needed while working online via Mathnasium@Home? 

Instructors will constantly be checking on students similar to how they do in centre during a math learning session. However, if a student needs assistance, there are multiple ways to engage an instructor. They can use the "Ask for help" using a button inside the application which alerts instructors. A student could also initiate a chat with an instructor when they have a question to get a written reply.

Are students expected to complete an entire workbook in one session of Mathnasium@Home? 

No. Similar to how the students work on pages at their own pace in centre, they will complete assigned pages during their online math learning session. Instructors will continually check on students to ensure they are focused and making progress. 

Can students use Mathnasium@home and attend the math learning centre in-person? 

At this time, students can be either online with Mathnasium@home or in-centre, not both. Mathnasium@home is recommended for families that will be unable to attend the centre for longer periods of time due to travel or other circumstances. Due to the learning plan being active for either online or in-person attendance, the minimum duration for online learning is 2 weeks. 

Do students need separate email address to access Mathnasium@Home? 

No. Parents can use their Gmail account login ID for their child/children to access Mathnasium@home. If they do not have Gmail, parents can create a Mathnasium @Home login ID with their own non Gmail email address. If you have more than one student attending during the same timeslot, a unique email address is required for each subsequent child.

Can parents use same email address for siblings? 

Yes, when siblings are not attending online math learning sessions simultaneously, the email login can be the same. The first attending student must exit the learning session and logout using the menu below their Name; click Online Status and choose Logout.

How do we schedule Mathnasium@Home? 

UPDATED April 7: Our online self-scheduling tool has launched:


How is Mathnasium@home different from other online math tutoring?

Unlike other online tutoring services, Mathnasium does not use pre-recorded videos, teach a large group of children at once (classroom style), use untrained math tutors, instruct using rote memorization or mindless algorithmic practice, or offer automated drills or games.
Instead, Mathnasium@home delivers the same live, expert math instruction pioneered in 2002. Mathnasium@home offers:

  • Live, face-to-face instruction
  • Focused interaction between instructor and student
  • Instructors fully trained in the Mathnasium Method™
  • A personalized learning plan for each student
  • True math comprehension rather than rote memorization

Live, personalized instruction is simply the most effective method for teaching math in a way that children enjoy. It’s the only way we teach, regardless of where learning takes place.


Why is Mathnasium@home launching now?

Development of Mathnasium@home began more than three years ago to address the needs of families who couldn't bring their children regularly into the centers due to busy school-year schedules, geographical distance, vacation or home-schooling. After successful testing, it was being implemented across centres gradually throughout 2020. When public health concerns suddenly required that students stay at home, we expedited the rollout so that students could continue without interruption.


How stable is the Mathnasium@home platform?

The ConexEd system is used by 100's of universities and colleges and is highly rated by its users. We are experiencing some bumps with sessions due to the rapid increase in users throughout the world. Although Mathnasium@home has its own dedicated infrastructure, there are customizations also required by our head office and they've been working very hard to keep up with demand. However, the roll-out was accelerated very quickly so our centre is also getting up to speed. We are very confident that with your support, we will get through this bumpy period quickly and continue our great purpose of changing lives through math!