Problems of the Week Jun 7 - 11, 2020

Jun 9, 2020 | Killarney

Solve the Problem of the Week for your grade level!

Get a Problem of the Week ballot and submit your entry before closing time on Thursday. All correct solutions will receive 5 extra punches on their Reward card at the start of their next session in the math learning centre. If you are using our online math tutoring platform, you can also submit your entry during your next online math learning session.

Grades 2-4: John is older than Michael. Wendy is older than John. If Michael is 3 years old and Wendy is 12 years old, could John be 120 months old?

Grades 5-6: A fairy can fly 16 kilometres per hour. If the fairy leaves for Neverland at 8:03 pm and gets there at 7:33 am, then how far away is Neverland?

Grades 7-8: Wendy and the Lost Boys are taking turns reading each other a bedtime story. Wendy reads 50% of the story. Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, and Curly each read 50% of the number of pages that are left on each of their turns. Finally, the twins each read 50% of the remaining pages. What percentage of the story has been read by the time it’s the twins’ turn to read?

Grades 9 and up: A swimmer is 20 metres from a boat. A crocodile is 30 metres behind the swimmer. If the crocodile swims 4 metres per second and the swimmer swims 2 metres per second, will the crocodile catch the swimmer before he reaches the boat?