Things to look for in a Online Math Learning Centre

Jun 14, 2020 | Killarney

Although most parents are aware of their child's learning struggles, the recent pandemic likely highlighted any issues. And no matter how much parents love their children and want to help, children often aren't interested in help from their parents. I've heard it from many parents, friends and have even experienced this challenge my children.

As your neighborhood math learning centre located in Killarney SW Calgary, it is our desire to change lives through math. When we hear that someone didn't pursue a particular career because "they couldn't get the math", it breaks our hearts. If parents avoid addressing issues in mathematics for their students, they are closing the door to future opportunities. Choices for future programs become limited and they may have to give up a dream. 

Families who have joined our online math learning program continue to share how satisfied they are with our program and how grateful they are for our support. Read our reviews to see that students are engaged, that they ENJOY the program and that their confidence grows continuously. We have aspiring engineers, astronauts and a mutlitude of other careers. Whether our students stay on these paths or alter their course, our math learning centre is helping them catch up, keep up or get ahead in mathematics so that they have all the options they could possibly want. 

When you're choosing an online math learning centre, some things to consider are:

- are you getting one-on-one instruction?

- is it step by step so that you can replicate the solution?

- is there sufficient problems to practice to ensure proper application, understanding, and ultimately mastery?

- is homework help available?

- is there availability based on all the activities your student has on the go?

Our online math learning centre offers all this and more. Getting one-on-one personlized instruction means your student is being met where they are at. Our instruction involves Prescriptives - a module for each new skill that we teach. This may involve some review from a foundational skill, along with teaching the meaning and strategies to ensure the math makes sense. There's always plenty of practice - facilitated and independent to ensure students are comfortable with application helping to minimize anxiety when they are back in their classrooms. Time for homework help can also be set aside during their session for a spot check or to work through something where the student is actually stuck.

Your monthly membership provides all this support to your student in three weekly sessions in addition to a daily learning reflection, ongoing updates to the customized learning plan, monthly progress reporting along with student rewards. 

Contact us at [email protected] or call/text us at 825-509-2143 to learn how our online learning centre can help you and your child.