How to Choose Online Tutoring Centres For Your Kids

Jun 21, 2020 | Killarney

When considering an online math tutoring centre, families need to determine their needs and then evaluate the value they receive from the available online math instruction providers. Doing your homework upfront allows you to ensure your child gets the necessary help you desire.

We all know that online learning has skyrocketed since the Covid-19 pandemic forced school closures. However, very few math learning centres had online tools and offerings immediately. Mathnasium@home was already in its widespread implementation when non-essential services were no longer allowed to operate so there was no rush to put together a make shift solution. Instead, centres around the world turned up their online math tutoring service almost overnight. The platform did experience issues due to the sheer volume of users that migrated to the service so quickly. However, aside from some reasonable bumps, the technology has proven itself. It is secure and facilitates an engaging learning experience just like you were in centre. Be sure to validate that the technology is user-friendly, allows two-way communication and interactivity. When a tutoring centre is continually investing in its online math instruction platform, it is a long-term service offering, not a one-off.

Once the solution is out of the way, find out what others are saying e.g. reference check or online reviews. Most businesses have an online presence such that their website shares reviews or you can see them on Google. Aside from online resources, check with your neighbors of your student's classmates' parents. They'll have insight on how well the platform is really working and whether they see progress with their student's learning.

While you're finding out about the technology, also try to learn about the instructors. Are they well-trained? Do they have any certifications in mathematics instruction? There are many people who are great at math but are they great at teaching math? Do they play games to keep the session fun but focused on the necessary skill development? Do they use manipulatives to help develop understanding? Combining verbal, kinetic, and visual instruction styles involves muscle memory in multiple ways to enable learning, not memorizing, to occur.

Lastly, what feeling are you left with after contacting the online children tutoring centre? A team that makes you feel welcome and is sincerely interested in helping your child succeed provides an environment for your family to enjoy their new learning experience. There's a reason many people follow their gut and in this instance it's no different. 

Here at Mathnasium, we have been invested in online tutoring for almost 4 years. Specifically for our centre here in Killarney, you are welcome to choose in-centre or online tutoring. We are committed to know only delivering the best possible program and experience for your child, but we're also committed to our community. We have given back through our low income spots and are preparing full scholarship programs in an effort to have a greater impact on our community.