Problems of the Week Jul 26 - 30, 2020

Jul 26, 2020 | Killarney

Solve the Problem of the Week for your grade level!

Get a Problem of the Week ballot and submit your entry before closing time on Thursday. All correct solutions will receive 5 extra punches on their Reward card at the start of their next session in the math learning centre. If you are using our online math tutoring platform, you can also submit your entry during your next online math learning session. 

Grades 2-3: Mikey and his brothers Donnie, Raph, and Leo are comparing their heights. Leo’s height is between Raph’s and Donnie’s. If Raph is the second shortest, who is the shortest?

Grades 4-6: Three-fourths of a canister of toxic ooze spills into a sewer. If 132½ millilitres of ooze is left inside the canister, then how much ooze does the canister hold in total?

Grades 7-8: April is deciding what kind of job she should take. She’s deciding between jobs as a lab assistant (which will pay her $48.00 for 4 hours of work), a computer programmer (which will pay her $65.00 for 5 hours of work), and a reporter (which will pay her $69.00 for 6 hours of work). Which job should she take if she wants to earn the most money per hour?

Grades 9 and up: A 40-centimetre pizza is cut into 6 equal slices. If 4 consecutive pieces are taken and eaten, then what is the area taken up by the remaining slices? (Hint: Pizzas are measured by their diameters.)