My Child Has Gained So Much Confidence in Math and So Much More!

May 13, 2021 | Killarney

Parents seeking help with math tutoring are often looking for referrals. We are proud to share that our growth is mainly through referrals! But why? The Mathnasium of Killarney team isn't just a team of math experts, they're a team of caring math tutors who want your child to succeed. They spend hours training to ensure they have the tools to be effective across all our teaching modalities - mental, verbal, visual, written and tactile and we vet them for their commitment to children and community.

Our program begins with an assessment. That assessment pinpoints what your child knows and doesn't know. This way we can create a personalized learning plan to teach them the skills they don't know. Being in grade 3 and not knowing your numerical facts is very different from another grade 3 who is struggling with fractions. Students need to be met where they're at, not from a generic grade baseline.

With every lesson, your student is learning new skills. How do we know they're learning? We start with teaching. New skills are just that - new. By teaching your child a strategy to work through their addition or identifying fractions, they get to hear how we make math make sense. Then we get your child to show us they understand. Once they can demonstrate the math skill, we get them to practice independently. Yes - have you ever known anyone to be an incredible piano player without ever practising? We know there are prodigies but let's focus on the general population. Practise and persistence are the key. Persistence requires a student to push themselves to apply a strategy until they can master it. Mastering that skill is a brain change where the synapses connect and your prefrontal cortex is then able to pull the skill readily. And that is exactly what students do at Mathnasium of Killarney every lesson! Within weeks, students are mastering multiple skills and their confidence level begins to rise.

Check out one of our favorite Ted Talks with Nate Brown where practise and persistence are highlighted in order to improve math skills.

Aside from wanting to highlight that exercising our mind is just as important as exercising our body, this Ted Talk also shines light on the myths behind being a math person and the many unfortunate biases that exist in our world negatively impacting students to succeed in math. We hope to break down those barriers and transform your student so that they can shine in mathematics and so much more. This parent quote sums it all up:

"...I’m sure I’ve told you before, but I’ve been so incredibly impressed with the progress Isaac has made since starting with (Mathnasium of Killarney). Not just in math, but in all of his subjects. He feels more capable and has shown improved motivation in all of his school work. Again, I can’t say enough good things!" - Amanda

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