How to Build Your Childs Confidence with a Online Math Tutoring class

Jun 1, 2021 | Killarney

If the pandemic has shown parents anything, it's how much they know about any particular subject at school. Being thrown into the 'parent becomes teacher' paradigm last March (2020) was very eye opening. It highlights the demands on our teachers but what hits home is whether your child is struggling with any subject.

By the time June (2020) hit, many parents were exhausted from trying to keep up with online learning, along with their work and family demands. It was just too much. So summer was around the corner and guess what, they wanted nothing to do with school. 

Two months rolled by and September came in session and teachers felt the brunt of the 'covid slide', a term used to accentuate how even more concerning the 2020 year was than other normal summer learning loss. With estimates of an average of 6 months of loss according to NWEA reseach, it gets worse for students who weren't meeting average marks before the pandemic.

So how can Mathnasium of Killarney help? Well, first off, our math learning centre launched free math homework help to frontline workers when the lockdown started. Given we weren't able to meet in-person, we delivered online math tutoring to those in need in addition to our existing mathlete base. We didn't close, we pivoted to be available to our families and to those serving the frontline. Some of our Mathnasium families lost jobs and we knew we needed to support them the way they did us so we launched our low income subsidy program. Being part of a community isn't just what's around us, it's what we give into it.

And how did it go? Our team of math tutors provided private math homework sessions to AHS families once a week. Our low income subsidy families have come in and out of the program per its design and have benefited greatly with hours of math instruction. Several of our online Mathnasium families migrated to in-person when they felt safe and comfortable to do so. But at the top of the list is, every one of these students' confidence grew dramatically even through virtual means.

Our online math tutoring is just like being in-person. We check you in to your own breakout room aka virtual seat at the start of your session. We confirm what math skills we're working on, determine if you need any math homework assistance and get your warmed up with a quick math game. This is our system. A system that provides multiple strategies to develop your understanding so that math makes sense. 

Throughout this time, our online math classes continue to be popular to work around isolation requirements from school, to avoid commuting unnecessarily and simply as a good routine to keep your student well versed across math concepts. Our online math tutors are the same great team that teaches in centre. We invest in their training not only of the Mathnasium Method, but also the technology that makes us leaders in math education.

Contact us 825-509-2143 to find out if an online math tutoring class would work for your child and read the great reviews from the many Mathansium families who have experienced it. We're here to help your child succeed in math online or in-person.