STEM Summer Camps have arrived!

Jun 9, 2021 | Killarney

We've waiting as we watch Alberta AHS updates and FINALLY - we are HAPPY to share that we'll be opening STEM Summer Camps at Mathnasium of Killarney.

So what is a STEM Summer Camp?

Students who challenge the usefulness of math are usually frustrated with their lack of understanding. Here at Mathnasium of Killarney, we're here to help by teaching math in a way that makes sense. Our STEM Summer Camp expands on this principle by seeing math in action. Our 3-hour camps begin with a hands-on learning activity for appplied mathematics. For example, cryptography is one of the favorites and your child will learn hands-on how ciphers work and even do their own little 'spy work' to encrypt and decrypt messages. The second hour involves our Power Math Workout. That's quite the mouthful! It's a powerful mind workout focused on helping children develop number sense. They'll learn smart counting techniques, fractional and proportional thinking and mental math strategies. Lastly, we play games! That's right, what's one of the easiest ways to learn something new? By making a game out of it. There will be a variety of individual and group games to play. Note, physical distancing will still be in place so only siblings will be able to sit together to play multi-player games.

Getting the gears going over the summer is one way to help stop summer learning loss. Math is the one subject that is hit hardest due to its cumulative and compounding nature. Most would likely agree that it's simply a necessity based on the 'on and off again' nature of this past year.

Just like exercising your body, your mind also needs the workout to stay in tip top shape. Studies are increasingly showing this importance as age. This is why games like Sudoku are recommended for adults to reduce the onset of dimentia. And while young children are far from dimentia, a drop in confidence dramatically impacts your student in the present both in the core subject and other areas of life. Our goal is to boost your child's confidence in math and beyond.

"Grace has been more confident in class and has been contributing to class conversations which is such a huge growth for her this year! I am very proud of her and wanted to thank everyone for all that you are doing in helping Grace's math skills and confidence grow. She seems to get a little excited for math now..." From a teacher and parent who see the difference in their daughter. We are so proud to be part of her journey!

Contact us at 825-509-2143 or [email protected] to learn about our STEM summer camps or our online and in-person math tutoring sessions!