Reading and Math Scores Plummeted During Pandemic

Sep 2, 2022 | Killarney

As we learn to live with coronavirus, schools are back in session in-person and most of our day to day has returned to normal. So, how did our student fair during the turbulent ups and downs of online/offline teaching, quarantines and staff shortages? Canada hasn't published anything yet but the US has released recent math and literacy data suggesting it could take years to recover.

In a national sample of 9-year old students, many were able to perform simple math tasks like number facts but were not able to add fractions with a common denominator. Student grades in early elementary are quite predictive of future educational trajectories so this is concerning as the impact was not limited to any particular demographic. Marginalized populations of course saw the worst of it and this is why we've had a low income program in place since the pandemic lockdown in March 2020. 

One Harvard professor suggests that top performers may be able to catch up in as little as 9 weeks but low-performers could take nine months to make up ground and still be far behind from their advanced peers. Where is child's math performance?

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New York Times article linked below: *note, a subcription may be required.