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Vanessha Chandirakumar

Hi, my name is Vanessha, but it's pronounced VA-NEE-SHA! I graduated with Honours in Psychology with an interest in Developmental Psychology from York University. Growing up with a mom who is a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) I was exposed to teaching kids, creating lesson plans, organizing programs...etc., and I fell in love with it almost immediately. I've previously worked for York Region District School Board (YRDSB) summer programs, which allowed me to further my interest in working with kids and creating a safe learning space for them. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano or guitar or being a goofball with my nephew. I love sports, but you'll find me playing basketball or volleyball the most! I haven't been here long yet, but it is clear that this is a fun and welcoming environment in which students can learn in several ways to solve math problems. I'm excited to learn new techniques for learning and teaching to help the kids with problem solving skills. As a recent addition to the Mathnasium of Markham team I look forward to working with this amazing team, meeting all of you, and of course I am super stoked to see what we can achieve together!


Hello everyone! My name is Layth (rhymes with “faith” or “wraith”) and I have just completed my bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Math has always been a passion of mine since childhood, and I want to help share that joy with others. My current favourite branch of math is geometry and topology; I love drinking tea out of donuts and eating a sugary mug alongside it! In my spare time, I love playing video games and staying active when I can. At Mathnasium of Markham, I hope to help foster the skills needed to do math in the students here, so that they can be the best mathematicians they can be, and soar in any of their math-related endeavours in the wider world. Very excited to be on the Mathnasium of Markham team!


Hi everyone, my name is Serena! I’m in my sophomore (2nd) year studying Biomedical Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University. Given my chosen field of study, I find immense joy in delving into various mathematical subjects such as Calculus and Linear Algebra. In addition to my academic background I’ve also taken on roles as a private tutor, working with students of various ages and skill levels. During my free time, you can find me singing, dancing, going on nature walks, and certainly goofing around with some family and friends. I am a firm believer in teaching math for comprehension rather than rote memorization, a philosophy in which Mathnasium truly shines. Even at my interview I observed how the entire team employs various methods of teaching in their instruction with students. In my short time at Mathnasium so far I've already felt the inclusive vibe, where mistakes are embraced and taken as experiences to learn from rather than frowned upon, whether by students or staff. As a math instructor I am thrilled to impart my math enthusiasm alongside my innate passion to help others. I eagerly anticipate contributing to this team and advancing both my own and the students' learning journeys!


Hi! My name is William, and I have three passions in life: teaching, math, and the performing arts. So, with seven years of experience working with kids of all ages, I hope to combine my three passions into one positive experience for every child that walks into our center. Sometimes that means showing them a whole new way of thinking about a concept, sometimes that means singing and being a little goofy. What I love specifically about Mathnasium, is that it gives kids the opportunity to actually understand the math they are learning because they are working at a pace that is both doable and challenging for their level. On top of that, being able to work in a team means that even when I have trouble explaining a concept, there is always someone there to help me out. So really, I think working here has, and will continue to, make me a better teacher!


Hi everyone! My name is Mehtab. If I had to describe myself in one sentence, I would say that I'm someone who is deeply interested in and passionate about engineering and machines! After graduating from the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering I worked in the manufacturing industry for a few years to gain exposure to businesses centered around powerful manufacturing machines. Currently, I'm self-learning topics in electronics and computer engineering in hopes of being able to independently design and build my own small machines in the future! In my attempts to understand our complex world through science, I've found that applied mathematics is a must-have tool. I believe the development of a strong foundation in math is very important no matter what path one chooses to take, but even more so for students who want to pursue careers in the STEAM fields. I believe that Mathnasium's positive and fun atmosphere in combination with its competent and personable teaching staff make it an awesome place for learning math, and I look forward to continuing to help our wonderful students in their educational journeys while further honing my teaching skills!




Hello! My name is Darren and I am a grade 11 student. I enjoy the process of learning and teaching math, as it is my favorite subject! After high school, I hope to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Some of my interests include biking, programming, listening to music, and cooking. In the past I have volunteered with children, which taught me a lot about being positive, enthusiastic, and patient. In my short time at Mathnasium I have already noticed the warm and welcoming environment at the centre. I look forward to not only helping kids with math, but also showing them that everyone struggles at times and that hardships are necessary in order to fully learn math. I am very excited to work at Mathnasium and to share my passion for math!


Hey there! My name is Leon, and I’m currently a grade 11 student. If there’s one thing that I’m sure about myself, it’s that I love learning. During math lessons, I often find that a burst of fascination will escape me, presenting itself as, “That’s so cool!” When I first started out as a peer tutor at my school, I would constantly hear heavy sighs followed by comments pertaining to, “I guess I’m just bad at Math.” But day after day, I would see the students I tutored improve foundational skills such as problem solving and perseverance. I grew to understand that every kid has the unlimited potential to excel at math, with the right support and an environment that fosters learning and curiosity. That’s exactly what I plan to achieve during my time at Mathnasium. I like to think of myself as a simple person: I love learning; I love math; and I love sharing my passions. I hope to grow alongside the students at Mathnasium as I continue to develop my skills as an educator and I explore my love for Math!


Hello, my name is Arya, and I am currently a grade 11 student! My favourite high school subjects are math and chemistry. I hope to attend either the University of Toronto or the McGill University’s biochemistry program for my undergraduate degree. After that, I plan to continue my studies in medical school in pursuit of becoming a neurosurgeon. In my free time I enjoy cooking, watching football, and working out. Although I completed the Kumon math program at 14, I decided to work at Mathnasium because not only do I believe strongly in their teaching philosophies, but also because of the warm atmosphere, dedicated staff, and most importantly, motivated students! As an instructor I aim to help students in their math journeys, and teach many valuable lessons that are applicable to not just math, but also to other aspects of life. I hope to apply my communication, teamwork, and mathematics skills here at Mathnasium, and try to pass those skills along to the students I have the privilege of working with!


Hello! My name is Aran and I am currently a grade 11 student. My top 3 favorite courses right now are math, physics, and chemistry. When I graduate from high school I plan to study some field of engineering at University of Toronto. When I’m not studying, I enjoy training in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai, biking, tutoring, playing video games, and watching Netflix. Through my experience in working with children, I have realized that being able to teach different concepts and see them grow academically can be a very rewarding experience! After my many years of studying math, I noticed how it has allowed me to excel in the classroom. I truly believe that having a deep understanding of math can take one very far in life, in the same way that Math has influenced me to follow my desired career path. I hope to help students further build their understanding of math so that they too can realize both the short-term and long-term benefits. In my short time at Mathnasium so far, I have already seen so much potential in the students! I look forward to working with our supportive team and helping the students continue build their math skills!






Hi, My name is Gloria! I am a grade 11 student working hard to pursue a career as a doctor. My favourite courses in school are Math and Science. I’m self-learning various topics in Mathematics, and I’m also a member of the executive team in my school’s math club! Outside of school I put a lot of effort into piano/music theory exams - I'm hoping to earn the ARCT diploma someday - and I also like drawing and taekwondo. Most importantly, I’m a big fan of Kpop! For me, helping others, giving back to my community, and spreading happiness throughout every corner in this world are the goals I’m striving toward. I have years of experience in taking care of my challenging younger siblings, but I am very grateful for them to appear in my life because they've taught me about being part of a family, a member of my community, and how indispensible love and responsibility are. As a math instructor, I’m wishing to use my knowledge, passion, and patience to help more individuals develop the interests and confidence in learning math. In teaching at Mathnasium, I’m also seeking to improve my own learning. Mathnasium provides me with the opportunity to accomplish all of these goals. It is an absolute pleasure for me to join this super keen and wonderful team!


My name is Sandy and I’m a grade 11 student (soon to be grade 12) . In terms of my interests, I enjoy learning about a variety of topics and analyzing them, hence why I like math! From as young as I can remember, I have been teaching and learning from a variety of people, my family, friends, teachers, and peers. I love watching people get this “aha!” moment when they understand a topic, so I always do my best to make sure the people I engage with understand the “why’s” of the world rather than memorizing facts. I love Mathnasium for its focus on understanding alongside their use of positive reinforcement to encourage students. The moment I stepped into the building, I was in awe of the focused and welcoming atmosphere with decals and painted walls. It surprised me so much to see math represented in such a positive and uplifting manner. The team is so kind and welcoming; I am thrilled to work alongside the staff and students alike!


Hello! My name is Logan, and I am a dedicated grade 11 student with a passion for art, math, and computer science. Math has always come naturally to me, and I hope to inspire others to find the same joy and ease in the subject through my work at Mathnasium. Beyond the classroom, I enjoy video games, drawing, and programming my own games. I also have an amazing Shih-Poo named Mocha, who loves outdoor adventures. My aspiration is to become a veterinarian by pursuing studies in health sciences and biochemistry, while also leveraging my computer science skills to develop engaging games from scratch. During the summer, I have gained valuable experience volunteering at numerous summer camps, where I discovered my passion for working with younger children. As an instructor at Mathnasium, I am excited about the opportunity to not only bring joy to children's learning experiences but also to grow as an educator. This role allows me to build confidence in my teaching abilities and further hone my skills in mathematics instruction. I am thrilled to be part of the Mathnasium team and look forward to making a positive impact on students' lives.

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What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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