Getting ahead with ADHD

Feb 26, 2019 | Mississauga

Do you as a parent find yourself struggling with your child’s attention deficit and hyperactivity? Do the bad days seem to outweigh the good ones?

Here are some attitudes to get ahead of it before it overwhelms you.


Unconditional acceptance and love - All kids are imperfect. All kids need to be guided and motivated to reach their full potential. Accepting this basic fact, helps shape your attitude towards your child.


Focus on the positives - Kids with ADHD have a lot to offer. Embrace the energy, the spontaneity and creativity. That will help you focus them in the right direction.


Champion their cause - Work with your child’s teachers, doctors and caregivers. Don’t let them dominate the conversation with negativity. Instead ensure everyone works together with a structured approach to help your child overcome and excel.


Differentiate between the wrong and the wrongdoer - Kids with ADHD struggle with age appropriate behaviour. Discipline must be done in a way that encourages the child  to self regulate and doesn’t destroy their self-esteem.


Celebrate every milestone - Change is a long, slow process. Acknowledge every achievement. Reward your child and yourself for every small step of the way. It makes the journey seem less frustrating. You will eventually get there.


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