Are your childs math skills where they should be for this school year?

Sep 8, 2020 | Newmarket

Reverse the “COVID slide” in math with Mathnasium

Whether your child is attending school this fall or taking classes online, they’re still coping with learning  loss due to the pandemic. Academic experts agree that math has beenthe hardest hit subject. Because math knowledge is cumulative, this loss must be remedied before students can move forward. The time to fix it is now.

Kickstart Program

Mathnasium’s Kickstart Program was designed specifically to reverse “COVID slide” learning loss, with live, face-to-face instruction and custom-built learning plans to get your child  back on track and ready to tackle challenging new concepts. They can learn  in our centre or live online with Mathnasium@home.

We want to be your math education partner. No matter what school looks like for your child, we’ve got their back—and yours.