Continue Your Summer with Family Fun and Maintain Math and Learning Skills

Jul 31, 2020 | Newmarket

As summer continues and you and your kids enjoy a well-deserved break from the pressures of school, we'd like to remind you that summertime also presents many opportunities for kids to keep their math skills fresh and play around with concepts they may encounter next school year. Integrating some time for math games into play dates or family nights encourages kids to flex their math muscles as they spend quality time with their favorite people! Here is list of our favourite math games, featuring a few classics as well as some fresh alternatives:


A fun, family-friendly board game in which players move around the board buying and trading properties, building up properties by buying houses and hotels, and charging the other game players rent. Play the game with "dollar" bills only-the debit card version is not as educational. 

Math War

Math War is a fun variation on the classic card game that challenges players to perform a calculation (in this case, multiplication). The player with the highest product wins the hand! 


Set is a fun, portable (deck of cards) game that tests visual perception and pattern recognition by challenging players to choose three cards that all follow the same pattern or a different one.


Battleship is an engaging game for older kids that tests memory and spatial reasoning skills. Based on a numbered and lettered grid, guess where your opponent's game pieces are positioned.  First one to "sink" all their opponent's battleships wins.

Are You Ready? Game Shows® (Available for K-5th Grade)

Is your child ready for the next grade? These games let kids become game-show contestants, winning pretend cash for each math or language question answered correctly. After playing, enter the game results online and get an instant online assessment that pinpoints areas where your child may need additional help


PS: In search of more math-tastic summer activities? Our summer program is in full swing and everyone at Mathnasium is having a blast helping students fortify their math foundations and prepare for what lies ahead! Do not miss out on the fun and learning, call or email us by August 14th to get a limited-time summer registration discount. For more info about Mathnasium of Newmarket, please call or visit our centre’s website. We look forward to seeing you soon!