Math Tutor Centres May Help Address the Below Average Math Test Scores in Public Schools

Sep 25, 2017 | Oak Ridges

Ontario's government is set on finding solutions to public school curriculum problems revealed by less the less than stellar standardized test scores. According to the results released by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), only 50 per cent of students in the 2016-2017 academic year met provincial standards. More alarming is that fact that this year's results mirrors last year's as well, leading the government and parents alike to worry.

Math Test Scores

While Ontario plans to modernize the current curriculum by putting a primary focus on math, some parents turn to alternative solutions in the meantime. So far, after-school math tutor programs like Mathnasium have been the most popular and effective. With a unique approach to teaching, math instructors help children gain a better understanding of mathematics.

Simplifying Complex Concepts

Math anxiety is a serious issue faced by today's youth. Many students shut down at the first sign of difficulty, and all too soon, they decide that they can't do math. Specially trained math tutors believe that going back to basics is the most efficient way to overcome this hurdle. To ensure that children understand the lessons, complex concepts must first be broken down into smaller parts that are easier to absorb.

Reviewing standard methods is a sound strategy in this regard. Teachers must first make sure that the student has a firm grasp on the fundamentals before proceeding to advanced lessons. For instance, by the time students reach Grade 3, they should know their times tables and basic math principles very well.

Slowing Down the Pace

In a traditional classroom setting, the pace of learning is dictated by the teacher. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for all students, and some of them just couldn't keep up. Children tend to learn at different speeds which is why a focused learning plan in an individual setting works best for following up on lessons.

Tutors first assess a child's math skills to figure out his or her learning needs. They will then craft customized learning plans for each. This ensures that the student learns at a speed that he or she is most comfortable with.

Experts are saying that how math is taught in the classrooms at present is the reason why the scores have not seen any improvement since the last academic year. In this respect, educators in public schools can learn a lot from how institutions like Mathnasium of Oak Ridges operate. If your child is struggling at school, don't hesitate to seek help at math tutorial centres in Richmond Hill or elsewhere.


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