Mar 25, 2024 | Red Deer

Our February 2024 Student of the Month is truly exceptional! What makes this recognition even more remarkable? It's his second time receiving this award, with his first win dating back over two years ago in October 2021 as the SEPTEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH.

A quote from the article:

This student comes to our centre from school riding his scooter for 50 minutes, then go back home by his scooter again for another 25 minutes; and he does this three times a week! No excuses. Just determination. And after learning over the summer with us and completing his learning plan in just 3.5 months, he jumped his Mathnasium grade by 2 levels!

And you know what? He's still maintaining that dedication: riding his scooter – a bigger one this time – from his school, St Joseph, which is 10 kms away to our centre. Well, not during winter, of course. Nevertheless, his determination and work ethic remain unchanged. Starting his journey with us at the end of grade 6, he's now thriving in grade 10.

Oct21 Student of the Month.png

Almost three years ago: same dedication, same motivation after years with Mathnasium. Keep up the spirit, buddy!

In June 2021 when he came for his initial assessment with his mom, she wanted him to start right away. He tried to delay, saying, “Let’s start in the summer,” but mom insisted, “It IS summer already.” Mom knows best: fast forward to today, this student's passion for math has only grown. He once shared with fellow students at Mathnasium, “I've become one of the strongest students at school because of Mathnasium.”

You know what many of our grade 10 students do when there’s no math subject for the whole semester at school? They take a break. “What for?” they think, “There are no grades to go after.” But this student has a different attitude. He gladly takes it because that will make him ready for the next semester. Now, that’s common sense!! It demonstrates that his motivation to improve and to be good at math is driven intrinsically, and not just for grades. This is the key to success – both academically and beyond.

As we celebrate our February 2024 Student of the Month, let's remember his remarkable attitude. He teaches us that success isn't just about grades; it's about loving what you learn and facing challenges head-on. Let's be inspired by his dedication and keep striving for both academic excellence and personal growth. Congratulations to our outstanding student, and may his journey inspire us all!