Jun 6, 2024 | Red Deer

The Secret Behind Red Binders

This month, we are thrilled to announce that two young ladies have become our VIP members! Why? Because they’ve dedicated over 100 hours to learning with us, and they truly deserve their red binders! Congratulations to both of you! The awarding of the Red Binders symbolizes not just an achievement of reaching a milestone, but also reflects the patience, dedication, and commitment that have led to the remarkable success of these students.

Years of Math Missteps

It's common for new students to have a two-year gap in their math skills when they first join us. It takes years for a student to fall behind – they get confused with one concept and are still trying to figure it out when the class moves on to a more complex concept that builds on the previous one. This confusion becomes cumulative, resulting in a lack of foundation and lagging math skills. Since this process of falling behind has been happening for years, it will also take some time to fix it. Additionally, we need to address and cure the bad habits in solving math problems that have become ingrained in their minds. For instance, some students might use skip counting to solve simple multiplications like 8x8 instead of knowing it as a basic fact, count by ones to do addition, or struggle with mental math for simple questions like 40+15. This requires patience and consistent effort, but with dedicated practice and the right guidance, these gaps can be closed and strong math skills can be developed.

Encourage and Support from Parents

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see the commitment of our students' parents. Rain or shine, dry or snow, they religiously drive their kids to our center twice a week and wait for an hour or an hour and a half. For years, going to Mathnasium has become a part of their routine. The result? As their kids practice math regularly, they master the math concepts, which builds their confidence and leads to math success. This reinforces a positive attitude towards math and learning in general.

The Sweet Success of Patience and Persistence

These two mathletes have experienced the joy of mastering math through consistent, regular practice. They have gone from lagging behind to now achieving grades in the 90th percentile. This success has inspired the sister of one of the students to join in the journey of mathematical excellence.