Nov 16, 2023 | Red Deer

Why does Mathnasium exclusively focus on one subject: Math?

Attempting to specialize in everything can lead to a lack of focus and a dilution of expertise. Specializing in one subject 100% of our time means optimizing all our resources with one purpose in mind: making math make sense for our students. We’re all about conceptual understanding, steering away from procedural teaching commonly found in other math programs.

As parents ourselves, having seen our kids learn from various teachers during their school years, we recognize that the depth of expertise – and passion – in those who teach math can make a significant difference in their success in mastering math concepts.

Optimizing Mathnasium resources just for math, from upstream to downstream

The Education Department of Mathnasium is relentless in conducting ongoing research, investing in creating the best curriculum, and delivering math programs to students—just math. From upstream research at our Headquarters to downstream program delivery at our centers, our focus is unwavering. This commitment means that, as parents, you can trust us as experts in the field. Imagine the challenges if we were to conduct research and teach on multiple subjects. By concentrating solely on math, we ensure a seamless flow of expertise from research to tailored instructions, unlocking your child’s potential in the most effective way.

What does it mean for you, as parents?

Expertise & Focus. Consider this scenario: where would you go when your child has a problem with their eyesight? The instinct would be an optometrist, a specialist in eye care. In the realm of education, the Math-only learning center is akin to the optometrist, specializing exclusively in one subject—math. Our instructors, or 'math optometrists,' possess extensive knowledge and utilize specialized tools and techniques crafted for enhancing math skills. With comprehensive math assessments, they can diagnose issues with precision, and their teaching methods treat these issues in a precise and effective manner.

On the flip side, a general tutor, similar to a general practitioner, may have knowledge in various subjects, including math, but could lack the specialized tools and targeted approaches of the Math-only learning center. When confronted with a specific challenge like improving math skills, the general practitioner may offer general advice but falls short in providing the depth of expertise needed to address the root causes of the challenge. At Mathnasium, we are your specialized solution, ensuring that your child receives the focused and effective math education they deserve.

Positive Learning Environment. At the Math-only learning centre, students are immersed in a positive learning environment where they are surrounded by peers who share similar learning goals. This shared commitment encourages not only individual growth but also collective success. Students enjoy the camaraderie of playing math games together, creating an enjoyable experience that reinforces key concepts.

The centre’s use of dedicated manipulatives, games, tools, and technology is purposeful – all aimed at enhancing the understanding of math concepts. This dedicated array of resources creates a dynamic and engaging learning atmosphere, where students can thrive and build a solid foundation in math.

Passionate instructors are at the heart of Math-only learning centre. Have you ever met someone passionate about all things? When it comes to “passion” it is about having a passion about one thing – or two. At Mathnasium, our instructors channel their passion into one subject: MATH. This singular focus allows their enthusiasm to be contagious, fostering a genuine love for math in our students. The result? A learning process that is not only effective but also enjoyable.

The impact of passionate teaching goes beyond the curriculum – it transforms the classroom into a space where students thrive and develop a deep appreciation for math. Just like one parent’s feedback in our Google Review, who shared joyfully that her daughter now loves math and considers Mathnasium of Red Deer as her playground 😊. This transformation is a testament to the combined influence of the best math curriculum and the passionate instructors who deliver it.

In conclusion, just as you seek the best care for your kids’ eyes, choosing a Math-only learning centre prioritizes the best care for your child’s math skills – and beyond. The exclusive focus on math not only positions Mathnasium as the math expert but also helps your child build a strong foundation for success in various other subjects: this comprehensive approach nurtures skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning that go beyond the realm of math. After all, as parents, who doesn’t want to provide the best for their child’s academic and personal growth?

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