Oct 19, 2023 | Red Deer

At our centre, kids learn together and play together. Unlike a traditional classroom setting, each student work on their own tailored learning plan – because just like fingerprints, never two students have the exact same learning plan. Despite this individual focus, they bond over engaging math games, lively chats about their pets, and exciting stories of their summer trips. They always curious about what their friends get from the spinning wheel, and they celebrate when a friend brings their 100% test result from school. While they enjoy teasing each other, they always uplift one another with positive comments to each other; whether it’s a simple “I love your hat” or an enthusiastic “wowww .. you’re so smart, I want to be like you!”

Mathnasium Friendship 2.jpg

Counting on Friendship

They miss each other when a friend is not here, and constantly asking where X is, what days and times X usually comes, etc. And when a friend finally shows up, they run to each other and scream each other’s names with joy. On one occasion they embrace lasted so long that another student said, “I think they’ll be hugging until Christmas.” 😊

We have a lower elementary student who, during the initial assessment, was in tears and did not want her mother leave. In the first week of the sessions, she was so shy and wished her mom to stay with her. That was months ago. Now she’s unhappy when it’s time to leave, and catches a glimpse of her mom’s shadow through the glass window! .. lol .. And it’s become common for me to request her mom or dad to wait a little bit, given her enthusiasm to stay a bit longer.

I am touched to see how they foster a close-knit, supportive community that encourages collaboration, motivation and sense of belonging. When I said that I’m not sure about organizing a Halloween party due to instructors’ availability, a grade-7 student stepped up right away, saying, “I can help you!”

Cultivating Bonds

They’ve become not just study buddies, but online game pals and playdate friends. It’s not just because of our instructors’ warmth or the great Mathnasium Method that make students adore this place. Kids often explicitly express their affection, saying “I love it here,” or subtly convey it through their actions, like feeling disappointed when their parents come to pick them up (hilariously so!). One student’s “uh-oh” or “nooo!” upon seeing her mom at the entrance, or another’s request to her grandma, “Can I stay until they close?” had grandma completely surprised.

A Place Where Differences Don’t Divide

Children, unlike grown-ups, are sincere, open-minded without any harsh judgment. They truly value each other's uniqueness. Where their friends come from or the color of their skin doesn't matter at all. This is heartwarming, especially in the light of global conflicts in recent years (and even recent weeks), which regrettably not only impact the war-torn regions but also affect people’s relationships in their adopted countries worldwide.

Conclusion: Nurturing Bonds Beyond Numbers

As owners, we want kids to have wonderful childhood memories here. Unlike our own children, who had to endure gruelling and monotonous, rote math learning at a popular math learning centre in their early years, we want to ensure that our students don’t go through the same experience. Together with parents and kids, we’re not just building math proficiency, but also fostering essential social skills that will carry them far beyond our centre’s walls.