Aug 10, 2023 | Red Deer

~ There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure (Colin Powell).

Summer’s fading fast, making way for the new school year ahead! Parents have checked off the list for new backpacks, shoes and stationery – but true preparedness for a successful academic year goes beyond tangible items: it’s all about academic readiness! As we say goodbye to the carefree days of summer, the transition to a structured academic environment can be quite a challenge. It’s not just about waking them up earlier, it’s more about igniting excitement for the new challenges in their higher grade, especially in math. Parents play a crucial role in helping their children review and reinforce their math abilities, ensuring a smooth start to the school year.

Math Brag Board 1.jpeg Starting the Year Strong! These mathletes kick off the new school year with confidence and setting the tone for a brilliant school year ahead!

Transitioning Like a Pro!

Here are the three key steps to a seamless back-to school experience:

  1. Refreshing math concepts
  2. Bridging knowledge gaps
  3. Setting a positive tone.

Refreshing math concepts

This is essential since we’ve observed students forgetting even recently mastered topics during the regular school year. Now, imagine the impact of almost two months without math practice during the summer break! Before school starts, take the time to review these concepts. For instance, one of our students struggled with the “complement of 10” – a concept that she was so fluent before summer – but with a little practice and a fun card game, the skill came right back! 😊 Focus on key topics such as multiplication, fractions, decimals and basic algebra – tailored to your child grade level – laying the groundwork for more advanced math later on.

Bridging knowledge gaps

This is crucial for your child’s smooth academic journey. For instance, if your child is entering grade 5 and isn’t yet fluent in multiplication and division, they will likely face challenges when working with fractions. Teachers won’t have the time for individual coaching, make it challenging for them to catch up. However, by dedicating a few weeks to address these math gaps, your child can start the new school year with confidence and a sense of continuity.

Setting a positive tone

Similar to warming up before a morning run, starting the school year on the right foot can profoundly influence your child’s attitude towards learning. By encouraging early engagement with math, parents can set a positive tone for the rest of the year. When your child feels prepared and competent in their math abilities, they are most likely to be motivated and enthusiastic about learning in the classroom!

Math Brag Board 2.jpeg

Collective Brilliance on Display: taking turns showcasing their Mastery Check victories on our Brag Board, highlighting the collaborative spirit of academic readiness!

In conclusion, preparing your child for a successful new school year goes beyond the material supplies. But amidst all the preparation, let’s not forget one critical thing: it should be FUN! Making it enjoyable and exciting for your child ensures they approach math with a positive attitude, setting the stage for a fulfilling school year. Like one parent told us the other day when she dropped her kids off: “They are so excited to come here! They can’t wait and beg to come more often!” 😊