Summer Math Programs

Apr 10, 2023 | Scott Road

Most children lose 2 month of math skills over summer. Summer learning loss during elementary school is shown to have consequences in later academic life, including dropping out of high school and whether students attend college. 


Beat Summer Learning Loss with Mathnasium

Summer Programs at Mathnasium are designed to combat summer learning loss, and help kids get an extra edge for the new school year!

Customized Program 

Our individually customized programs provide your child with the skills they need, so they can learn math the way that makes sense to them. From reviewing the current year’s concepts for a better understanding and mastery of skills to previewing topics for next year –  our customized learning plans do it all.

Flexible Scheduling 

Set your own summer schedule! Choose a package that fits your need, and choose the days you would like to come – spread your visit during the summer, or complete in just few weeks. Attend in-centre, online, or hybrid (a combination of in-centre and online).



Whether it is enrichment and getting ahead, or catching up – summer is the perfect time to get ahead!

Contact us today, and let us help your child get ahead !