Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Aditi M.

Hello, I am Aditi, pursuing the Business General course at Portage College. I have completed the Project Management – IT course from Seneca college in Toronto, Ontario. I did Bachelor of Technology in the field of IT from India in the year 2020. I was born and brought up in India. Having tutored in India previously, I have more than two years of experience. I've always enjoyed answering math questions and teaching others shortcuts to quickly and effectively solve math problems since I think math is a skill that everyone needs in life. That is what Mathnasium is all about - it teaches kids math the way it makes sense to them and easier to understand. Its one of the reason I chose Mathnasium so I can help students gain Math confidence that will help them in future. I am an Indian classical dancer and have a degree for Kathak dance from Khairagarh University in India. I love playing guitar, singing and writing poetry.

Maral G.

Maral is an instructor at Mathnasium of Somerset. She is currently a Master of Science student at the University of Calgary, in Civil Engineering. Also, Maral holds a BSc and MSc degree in Civil Engineering, with professional experience in the civil engineering field. Tutoring math at different grade levels has also been part of Maral's experience for many years. She would be able to adjust her tutoring style to match a students’ learning style. Maral believes students need to feel confident in their work and knows how to approach problems from multiple perspectives. Tutoring students to achieve exceptional exam results is her goal. In addition to helping students understand difficult Math concepts, she loves children because they are energetic and kind. The Mathnasium has a friendly atmosphere, which Maral believes is conducive to students learning math. She loves watching series and movies, as well as playing violin in her free time.

Bhumi P.

Hi , I am Bhumi, I have pursued my study in master in physics. I am a passionate teacher focused on creating a positive environment in which students can learn and grow. With 6 years of teaching experience, I have understood mathematical concepts from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. I believe math is the mother of all languages. At Mathnasium, I strive to inspire students with an appreciation for math and help develop the tools and methods that work best for each individual student. I am also fond of learning new things related to science. Other than teaching, sports is something which I'm passionate about. In my free time I enjoy listening music, watching movies- documentary.

Olga S.

Hello, my name is Olga :) I have enjoyed math since a young age, and I have been working with kids for over 5 years. It always brings a smile to my face when they finally master a math concept, or get that one tricky question right. It is an honour to work at Mathnasium and see all the students grow and improve. I graduated high school with honours, but my favourite part was being the class historian speaker! In the future I hope to go into the science/medical field and continue working with kids, and helping people. My favourite thing to do in my free time is draw, sketch, or paint, I love art almost as much as I love math. I also enjoy reading and watching movies with my cat Mars

Amisha Patel

Centre Director
Amisha Patel is the Centre Director at Mathnasium of Somerset. She has done Hotel Management and has been in the hospitality industry for more than 10 years specializing in Sales & Marketing.Having struggled with math as a child, Amisha is enthusiastic about helping every child in the Calgary community to truly understand math by teaching it in the way "that makes sense to them" and is very passionate about helping children gain confidence in their math skills. She is committed to bringing the Mathnasium Method to the children in the community. Married with 2 kids, Amisha enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, cooking, and gardening!

Avinash Patel

Owner/Centre Director
Avinash Patel is the Centre Owner at Mathnasium of Somerset. Avinash has a bachelor's degree in Engineering and Master's in Business Administration. Currently, he works in the Finance Industry. He has enjoyed math since his childhood and is very passionate about it. Avinash also has experience in teaching math to engineering students and strongly believes that math is an essential part of everyday life and professional life. For Avinash, one of the reasons to choose Mathnasium was his belief in helping kids gain confidence by strengthening their fundamental math skills and by helping to develop their critical thinking and logical reasoning. Aside from Math, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, watching/playing cricket, and camping.


Dela Cruz
Hello, my name is Hanz. I am in the process of pursuing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Calgary with a major in Statistics and a minor in economics. Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed learning about new mathematical concepts and telling my friends about how I used them during my day-to-day activities. Since then, I’ve used the knowledge I’ve learned from school and my personal time to tutor students from different backgrounds and help them build confidence in their mathematical abilities. At Mathnasium, I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to assist students in learning about math's and inspire students to learn about the extensive world of mathematics. After graduating from university, my dream is to pursue a master's degree in statistics, and hopefully develop products that help people using data science. During my free time, I enjoy reading, exercising, and meeting new people.

Saanvi P.

Hi, I’m Saanvi! I’m currently in my final year at Henry Wise Wood High School, and I’m hoping to pursue Biochemistry in post-secondary education. Throughout high school, I've come to appreciate just how important it is to understand math, not just on the surface level, but the reasoning and concept behind it. Mathnasium gives me the opportunity to encourage all grade-levels to further their understanding. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, shopping, and meeting new people! :)

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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