4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

Oct 3, 2020 | Summerside

Math scares a lot of students. There are many complex equations, critical thinking, and even creativity required in its study, so most students struggle to find math interesting. Beyond putting numbers together, math can be broken down into different concepts, which means part of the biggest reasons behind people’s inability to grasp math is the tendency to tackle the problem with a limited lens. 

One particular difficulty that affects their struggling behavior is called dyscalculia. Some children who exhibit this condition struggle to understand symbols and numbers, which makes math equations like a bunch of gibberish in their eyes. 

Because of this, they have a hard time making it through basic math. With that in mind, the struggle turns into a cycle that keeps getting more intense and problematic. To help you notice as early as now if your kid is exhibiting this behavior, here are some signs you can take note of:

Sign #1: Struggles to Recall and Understand Basic Math Concepts

When your kid finds it troubling to recall what they learned in the past and cannot further advance their progress in basic math lessons, it’s a warning sign that they may need professional help in overcoming this academic struggle.

Sign #2: Struggles to Understand and Manage Time

Taking note of the time you spend on schoolwork requires basic math. So if your kid struggles to read clocks, count fundamental time differences, and cannot comprehend schedules, then that's a crucial red flag that indicates you need experts to take over. 

Sign #3: Struggles to Connect Math Families and in Doing Mental Math

Math families are essential. While some math equations are solvable by minds, if your kid struggles to find the right solution to basic equations or resort to counting by fingers all the time, then it can become a crutch down the line. Before it turns into a bad habit, it’s best to nip the problem at its bud.

Sign #4: Struggles to Connect Math Concepts to Real-Life Situations

Schools prepare students for real-life, so math plays a vital role in building up their cognitive abilities to use in real situations. However, if your kid struggles to apply at least basic math to count items, then it’s best to address the issue immediately before it affects their future. 

The Bottom Line: Learn How to Address and Solve Your Kid's Math Struggles with Ease

Knowing the red flags that reveal whether your child is struggling to crunch numbers can do wonders in fostering the right care and encouragement to help them move forward. With all these signs among the many, it's crucial that parents assist in their kids' math situation. 

How Can We Help?

Some ways you can help beyond offering support is to hire a professional tutor that can provide tailored solutions that suit your child's needs and individual learning curve. Here at Mathnasium, we can connect you with the best math tutors in Edmonton that can help your children ace math with flying colours. 

Get in touch with us today and see what we can do to bolster your child's academic growth. Whether it's tutoring services or math classes in Summerside, we can help kids in grades 2 to 12 learn math in more ways than one. From connecting formulas to real-world scenarios to making math feel fun, we can turn your children's frustrations into a healthy challenge.