6 Signs Your Child Isn't Challenged Enough at School

Nov 13, 2020 | Summerside

All kids work and learn differently, even those that grow up in the same household. As teachers have to pace classes to match everyone’s learning speed, the more precocious children may find themselves bored. As they learn quickly and have a solid understanding of the lesson, they typically don’t need extra support. However, this leaves them overlooked, even when they need more help.

While students that struggle with learning difficulties need assistance to keep up in class while reaching their potential, bright children need just as much help, especially in keeping them engaged.

When a Student Isn’t Engaged Enough

Even though your child is brimming with potential, they need to maintain their motivation to pay attention in class and produce high-quality work. They need more advanced material and challenging assignments to keep them focused and engaged, or else it may cause other problems.

If nothing is done to stimulate an under-challenged child, it may result in poor school performance and self-discipline skills. They may also have difficulty dealing with their emotions and struggle with motivation, as they easily coasted through lessons as children. When they reach adulthood, they will have also have a hard time meeting and resolving challenges.

The Signs Your Child Isn’t Challenged Enough at School

To make sure your gifted child is stimulated enough at school, you’ll have to watch out for a few signs. When you recognize them, our math tutors in Edmonton can help you keep your kid challenged, preparing them for success. Here are six signs to watch out for:

- They’ve Lost Motivation to Do Homework

Intelligent students who are bored with lessons often feel like they fully understand what is being taught in class. Due to this mindset, they may believe that they don’t need to complete homework or other assignments. If you notice that your child isn’t putting as much effort into their work, that’s a side they need something more challenging.

- They’re Doing Well on Tests But Not on Assignments

If your child has no problem understanding the concepts they learn in class, they probably perform very well on exams. However, if they aren’t motivated, they’ll probably score poorly on assignments, especially if they don’t complete it at all. They may think that the projects are too easy, thus not worth their effort.

- They’re Frequently Unhappy or Frustrated

Children who are satisfied with what they’re learning at school are often happy and engaged. However, if they feel like the lessons are too easy, they probably think that school isn’t demanding enough. The frustration they feel will eventually worsen and affect their mood altogether.

- They Don’t Pay Attention in Class

If the lesson looks too simple for your child, they’ll probably feel like they don’t need to pay attention. As a result, they’ll suffer from poor focus and class participation. Suppose your child’s teacher tells you that your child appears to have difficulty focusing, looks distracted, or seems like they’re perpetually daydreaming in class. In that case, they’re probably not interested in the material.

- Their Grades are Slipping

Having a bright and gifted child doesn’t always mean they’ll bring home perfect grades, as they may lose the motivation to complete graded work they feel is too easy. If you notice that their marks are starting to drop below what is expected for their intelligence level, they’re probably not engaged enough.

- They Work at a Faster Pace than the Class

Many classes work at the pace of the slowest learner, which can be frustrating for quick-witted students. They burn through the material faster than others, causing them to be bored. If they have no problem understanding the new lesson and always work ahead of their classmates, they need more stimulation.


Although having a gifted child is lovely, they may also come with a set of challenges you didn’t expect. They need a certain amount of care to ensure that they’re continually striving to reach their full potential instead of being bored and disinterested. Math tutors in Edmonton can keep them stimulated, so watch out for these signs in your child and bring them to Summerside tutoring.

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