5 Ways Mathematical Proficiency Helps in Daily Life

Jan 4, 2021 | Summerside

Many people were resistant to math during their youth, and no one can really blame them because the subject is complicated to comprehend for many. However, everyone needs to learn many of its concepts to be proficient and successful in their adult life. While some math concepts learned in school are not all that useful in everyone’s future, the quality that makes it such an essential skill to have is the discipline it teaches people. 

Everyday life uses a ton of mathematical skills, and while many people dislike the thought of using their brains for calculations, this is mainly because of previous bad experiences. When things like Grade 12 math is just way too off-putting, or when someone fails an 11th Grade math quiz miserably, this can change the way people see the subject. 

The Benefits of Starting Math Early On

Hurdling the fear of numbers in your earlier years is a great way to boost confidence in tackling tough math for Grade 12 or even daily dealings. At the end of the day, math boils down to confidence and a drive to solve problems, which is why starting Mathnasium tutoring as soon as possible is a big help. Here are daily aspects of life that are easily solved by proficiency in the numbers game:

- Math Literally Trains the Brain

Dr. Tanya Evans of Stanford University conducted research that has shown information on children’s brains. Children who perform well in mathematic activities have a more excellent grasp on their cranial regions, with improved gray matter volume in these areas compared to those weak in the subject. Cognitive tasks were also better in the areas of visual processing and decision-making due to the systematic process of solving equations and other numerical problems. 

- Math Improves Time Reading Skills

While time is easy to read thanks to digital clocks, the dying art of owning an analog watch or clock is weakening each day. Mathematics has always been helpful for those who own a timepiece with hands because of the ability to see fractions and do other quick calculations. In fact, most children nowadays do not know how to tell the time on an analog clock, which is mainly because knowledge of math basics is weak or undeveloped. 

- Financial Literacy Entails Knowing the Numbers Game

People who have trouble balancing their finances when they are working are often weak at math, which often leads to budgeting and investing difficulties. Bank accounts can look healthy and packed during payday but can quickly drop to a negative number if the budgeting process is not optimized. The lack of financial literacy can heavily impact credit scores, and this can be damaging to a person’s ability to take on loans and other financial services. 

- Problem Solving Skills are Improved Through Mathematics

The nature of solving problems boils down to the methodical steps taken. Math is plenty of logical understanding, which means having a rational view of the world will lead to more efficient and effective solutions to problems. Calculating the right steps and making the correct decisions is a trait that many mathematicians have embedded in their brains, which is done through brain training. 

- Every Job Uses Some Form of Math

Whether you work in the art industry or tech, these fields of work all use mathematics somehow. Artists can be in the form of graphic designers, writers, or actors, and each has a concept of math they can benefit from in some way. Graphic designers can use spatial awareness and the ideas of accurate measurements to make cutting edge images and works. Writers can utilize math through methodical steps to produce great literary pieces that have a structure that is easy to follow. Actors can make use of quick thinking and problem-solving skills while in the heat of the moment. 

Tech is an industry that is dominant today, and it has plenty of programming and coding, which uses a lot of math and knowledge on numbers. Creating cutting-edge technologies and even programs and software is difficult, but math makes programmers daring enough to take risks and use their technical know-how for things. 


Mathematics is something that everyone needs to know, as this knowledge seeps into all aspects of daily life. Whether it is in solving problems or landing a job, learning how to game numbers will help anyone get an edge on the competition of today’s world. 

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