Hooked on Math - 5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Love Math

Jan 8, 2021 | Summerside

It’s a given fact that not everyone appreciates Math compared to other subjects like English or Science. That’s because when a child encounters complex numbers, instead of taking the time to understand the problem in front of them, they tend to get distracted, rely on an immediate answer, or give up trying altogether.

Failing to understand math may end up affecting your child, causing them to dislike learning as a whole. But it’s never too late to change their situation, especially if you see the potential in your kid. Fortunately, there are various ways to make learning math fun and exciting for your kids—all it takes is a little bit of effort.

If you want to find out how you can make learning math fun for them, keep reading below.

Treat Math Like a Game

Many kids view Math as a complicated subject. However, if you involve board games and fun exercises while learning numbers, they will realize how fun it actually is! Board games you can consider playing include Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly, and you can also throw in some card games such as Uno and Solitaire!

These games encourage your kids to exercise their brains and use math while playing games. You can also utilize online resources, such as interactive websites and mobile applications, to get their brain juices flowing as they discover the wonderful world of numbers, fractions, and charts.

Incorporate Math Into Daily Activities

If your child doesn’t seem to cooperate each time anything math-related is involved, they might need some homework help to get them started. You can also try finding the connection between learning numbers and an activity that might catch their attention.

Some examples include following a baking recipe and asking for your child’s help, telling them to find out the score of the sports game you’re watching, or determining video game rankings based on what they like to play.

Create Competitive Solutions

What’s a thrill in life without a little competition? You can convince your kid that math is worth pondering on by forming questions you and your child can both answer by helping each other figure out math equations.

If you think they’re ready to solve math problems independently, you can start a contest to find out who can solve the most questions correctly. Being competitive stimulates their brain to figure out math mentally and further develop their skills down the line.

Consider Using a Reward System

A reward system is a tried and tested method of inspiring your kid to study math. Their prize for doing their best during their math classes doesn’t have to be extravagant—but they do have to be meaningful. It can be in the form of rewarding them with their favourite food or allowing them to stay up an hour or two longer during the weekend.

Anything you think your child will appreciate after working hard, they will surely love. As a result of their efforts to get it together and understand math slowly but surely, you should prove to your child that you’re proud of them and how far they’ve come.

Utilize Math in Your Routine

Math shouldn’t be confined to the four corners of the classroom, nor should it be taught only during tutoring sessions. In fact, math is everywhere and can be conducted without the need to sit down and deal with numbers.

There are plenty of opportunities to discover math everywhere you look, even when you’re on the road with your child. You can ask them to count the red cars you drive by or add each cereal box you decide to throw into your cart at the grocery store. When you incorporate math into your routine, you’re showing your child that it is an essential part of life.


When you go the extra mile to turn a subject as complicated as Math into an exciting feat that can be enjoyable and easy to learn for your child, you’re proving to them that anything is possible. Dealing with numbers doesn’t have to be complicated and shouldn’t involve answering worksheets alone. By following the tips above, your child will slowly learn to appreciate and love the subject of mathematics.

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