3 Harmful Math Tutoring Myths Debunked - Our Guide

Jan 11, 2021 | Summerside

Being a parent means prioritizing what's best for your children. However, misinformation may cloud your judgement, especially when considering math tutoring and other remedial classes due to what you’ve heard, read, and experienced. That’s why it’s important to take active steps in learning about the truth by debunking the popular myths, which is what you will learn through this article.

We will discuss three common misconceptions about math tutoring that, unfortunately, most families continue to spread as harmful, biased information. Take this as an opportunity to be a more informed parent as you raise your children to better themselves and gain access to the skills enhancement and remedial help they need.

Myth #1: Why Would I Need to Enrol My Children in a Math Tutoring Program? All They Really Need Is a Calculator Anyways

School math is often reduced to simple arithmetic by most parents because that’s what they can remember from their school days. They are convinced that math is not as important as other subjects, like Science and French. However, these are dangerous misconceptions as many children have to be trained early on regarding complex math fundamentals, like Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus. 

Even if your children choose to pursue an unrelated field in the future, math will still be a big part of their academic experience, especially in college and high school. As such, don’t let your kids be mere finger counters and dependent on calculators. Encourage them to show mastery in math even during the early stages through math tutoring. 

Myth #2: Isn’t Math Tutoring Just a Waste of Time and Money? Plus, the Truth About Tutoring Is Not Explained Well to Parents Because It’s a Scam!

You may have your reservations for math tutorial programs because of their hassle for your time and wallet. For instance, you may be concerned that you are paying too much for Mathnasium worksheets and classes that eat away at valuable homework time for your kids. And while these are legitimate concerns, there are options that we employ at Mathnasium Summerside to ensure you can gain a better understanding of our pricing and schedule. 

For instance, we have a dedicated page about our method of instruction to help you gain a comprehensive outlook on what we can do for you and your children. We also provide free program options, like our trial classes and assessment, for your convenience. That way, you are better convinced that math tutoring is a valuable investment in your kid’s future. 

Myth #3: as Long as My Child Can Finish Math Problems at Lightning Speed, I Don’t Need to Worry About Their Skills. That’s Because the Fact That They Can Finish It Fast Means They Are Good!

Most parents and some instructors make the sweeping generalization that finishing tasks quickly in math is a mark of greatness. In fact, for other subjects, some teachers claim that writing fast and completing worksheets means that the child’s mind is well-developed and ready for more complex tasks. However, these are baseless misconceptions that can do more harm than good to your child’s academic performance. That’s because it can put them under pressure for no reason. 

When it comes to math, it’s best to remember the popular phrase, "It’s not about how you start; it’s how you finish." It means your child should aim to be better, not beat the clock. Yes, they still have to be aware of time management and meeting deadlines. However, prioritizing those alone is not the indicator for excellence in mathematics and other subjects. As such,  test your kid’s core competencies in math by enlisting them for our tutorial classes. 


Math tutoring can expand your kids’ competency for numbers and their overall cognitive development. Hence, you should reconsider what you may have heard from other parents and teachers about tutoring. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what to believe. Remember all the formerly mentioned information and explore math help programs today! 

Are you looking for the best math tutor in Edmonton? Enroll your children with us at Mathnasium Summerside! We can offer you free assessment and trial classes for your convenient use, enabling you as a parent to make responsible decisions to enhance your child’s academic performance. Prepare your kids for school and their future career development by investing in their math skills with us!