The Importance of Early Math Education & How to Teach It

Feb 12, 2021 | Summerside

Most parents know that a child should start their education at a young age. During their early years, children typically soak in lots of information quickly and easily, establishing their learning habits later down the years.

One of the most important things they have to learn early on is math. Not only will this help them work with numbers, but it also trains other skills like logic and critical thinking. However, is learning math early really important? If so, how does one teach a child math early?

In this article, we will share with you the importance of early math and how to teach it.

Why Is Early Math Important?

There are many reasons early math is vital to a child's cognitive development. According to some research done, kindergarteners who learned the concepts of math not only later performed well in more difficult math courses, but it also improved their reading ability and so on. It also went on to show that early math has been connected to overall academic success! On the other hand, only those who studied reading did not show an improved ability to grasp mathematics.

While there has not been any solid proof that math itself is the cause of such achievements, correlations show that math has been a big part of the child's ability to succeed academically. As such, the main reason early math is important for your child is not necessary to understand the concepts of math early. Instead, it is for their general improvement, boosting their ability to succeed academically later in life!

How Do You Teach Early Math?

Teaching early mathematics can be a little more complicated than one might expect. One can assume that simply reading out the book might be enough, but this can get extremely boring for the child, and they will lose their attention and fail to learn anything at all. As a result, such sit-and-listen teaching techniques are only effective with entertaining content, such as stories. On the other hand, math is not exactly the most exciting topic with kids. Numbers can easily confuse them, and if not taught right, knowledge will be lost.

To combat such an issue, active learning was introduced as an effective solution. Active learning is an approach that actively engages the student through case studies, role plays, and other types of activities. It was found to be far more effective at helping children understand the concepts math had to provide compared to more passive approaches. In fact, this type of active teacher and student relationship strengthens their ability to learn and to learn quickly and effectively. Simply put, getting the child engaged with learning math through various fun activities is an effective way to teach early math, setting them up for tougher concepts that they can quickly grasp later down the line!

At Mathnasium Summerside, we will first assess your child’s needs before we customize a plan for them. Our math tutors are specially trained to implement the learning plan to ensure that your child master the material.


At this point, you now realize that early math is vital for your child’s development. It helps them understand the foundations of math early, allowing them to grasp difficult concepts later on, and helps them in other aspects of education, such as reading. Ultimately, math helps the child in every way, so starting them off early puts their right foot forward towards academic success and overall success in life!

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